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Head Office Staff


Julie Brett

Human Resources Manager

Julie leads the Personnel and Talent functions for Parchment Trust in order to ensure we attract, nurture, develop and retain high performing staff who can provide outstanding services to our members.

Lesley Warmington  Finance Manager.jpg

Lesley Warmington

Finance Manager

Lesley has been with us for 20 years and manages finance and bookkeeping across the organisation. She is responsible for invoicing, bills and wages, amongst other things. 

Jade Nolan Safeguarding Adult Lead & Data Protection Officer.jpg

Jade Nolan

Quality, Compliance and Development Manager

Jade works across the organisation to ensure best practice - with particular responsibility in the areas of Safeguarding and GDPR compliance. 

Manager, IT and GDPR.jpg

Tim Walsh

Data and Digital Transformation Manager

Tim manages the practical application of IT and technology, working closely with each department to facilitate new systems and projects. 

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