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Welcome, Sara

With Andrew retiring last Christmas, we have a new CEO on the block. She has been settling in for the past few months, extracting as much knowledge and wisdom as possible from Andrew and others. Now it's her turn to lead Parchment Trust in to the future.

Who is Sara Whalley?

Sara is a specialist in both education and business development. She started out as a teacher with a strong interest in disability. Her varied career since has included hands on service delivery, consultancy, bid writing, organisational turnarounds and longer-term senior leadership positions across health, care and education sectors. She was also Chair of Governors for Glyne Gap School.

In her spare time Sara loves to kick back with the odd glass of wine and keeps fit through swimming and cycling.

In her own words,

"This is my dream job. I’m most looking forward to getting to know everyone and spending time in the services and then starting the process of thinking about our future vision and direction – how we keep all of the marvellous things about Parchment Trust, and nurture them into the future so that we can make the most impact on people’s lives."

To truly get to know her, we asked some of the people we support what questions they felt were important to put to Sara...

Michaela- Is Sara going to do as good a job that Andrew has done?

That’s my aim. Andrew and the whole team have done such a wonderful job. I will be working hard to continue to support everyone so that Parchment Trust stays the brilliant place that it is... 

Sue- What’s your favourite dinner?

It’s a tie between pizza, curry and roast dinner. 

Shannon- What are your plans for Friary?

To keep it as the valued resource that it is - providing great opportunities for learning and work and a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

Keegan- Why did you pick to work here? 

I fell in love with it the moment I visited. I love that the ethos is totally focused on providing the best for service users, it’s exactly what I believe in… and the people were so friendly. I felt very welcome and knew I’d enjoy working with everyone. 

Kev L- What football team do you support? 

Liverpool. I was born there and lived there until I was 11. 

Jo- What stuff have you been doing before this? 

I’ve done lots of different jobs, mainly leading teams and organisations. I’ve always followed my heart and done things that have interested me. I started as a teacher working with people of all ages, including adults with learning disabilities. I then worked in a range of education, healthcare and charity settings leading various different things. I’ve enjoyed every job, but I think this one will be my favourite.  

James- Do you like dancing? 

I do, but I’m not very good at it. 

Mark- Do you believe in Father Christmas?

Of course!! He gets me a selection box every year - as long as I’ve been good. 

Clio- Where is your favourite place to go shopping?

 I prefer anywhere with independent shops, rather than big shopping centres. I do a lot of shopping online these days. I get a lot of clothes from Vinted and sell some too, it’s good to recycle! 

Luke- Are you more sweets or chocolate?

Probably chocolate but my real weakness is more savoury stuff. I love cheese, fresh bread and I can polish off a bag of crisps far too quickly! New Year’s resolution - eat less crisps Sara! 

Daniel- What’s your favourite band? 

I love music and like lots of different bands from all sorts of genres. At the moment I'm listening to lots of Queen and an old favourite, Deacon Blue and really love a group called the Teskey Brothers. I'm always excited to listen to new music and see live bands. 

We hope to get to know her even better in the coming years, and are excited to see where she leads us next!


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