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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

Welcome to another monthly edition of the weekly blog! Isn't it hot out?


Food Hygiene Training

A big congratulations to Charlie and Sonia, who have successfully passed their food hygiene exams and are now official 'Level 2 Safer Food Handlers'. Well done to you both for your hard work!


Jackie at 60 

Imagine how long a day is. Imagine how long a year is (365 days). Jackie has survived 21,915 days. In this time she has had a go at being Mayor of Hastings. More importantly, she also works on on our reception desk.


Also, Suzy hit 30 this week. This is only half as impressive. 

Shannon's Work Placement

Coffee box is a good work experience for me and i enjoy working there as i get to have a chance at most things there and also i get a lift there and back and i start at 10 and finish at 12.i enjoy it there as i take drinks out to customers and i am very polite to them and they are very polite to me.in the future i would like to learn how to make drinks and use the till and its makes me feel excited that i work there and getting to know the staff there.

the end. by Shannon Histed.

Garden renovation

We have been making changes to our front garden this year- renovating the front area by clearing away the grass and shrubbery to make space for a lovely bench and wood chip area. This new area is great in the hot weather. Under the shade of the exotic tree, you can sit down, read a good book and imagine you are in some far flung holiday destination. 


David Dwyer new car article


My dad took the ford fiesta zetec to a car dealer to get a new car, a kia vegan at kia deals. We traded in the ford fiesta zetec car for a kia vegan car and it is a good car to drive and looks nice too.  First we looked on the internet then we drove to Eastbourne and looked around the shop and bought it that day. This one has front and back electric windows, and it just drives better than the other one did. The other one had a few problems.

My work experience on computers


my skills are building computers loading windows  getting rid of viruses fixing problems activate windows loading antivirus programmes sorting windows updates out.


I helped my mum out with her laptop I  gave her some programmes  I sorted it out for her and also I got rid of a virus


I did hoover the dust of the computers I also bunked the the ram up in the computer and also I did check the specs of the computer  and also I stripped out my mums old laptop

and also I was  giving some advice on some programmes


I love doing this it makes me happy. I like to get things done  there and then not like a day or two days later


I been helping people  out  finding things on the internet like problems like dll files missing  and googling the problems


By Jamie

The joy of swimming and the tragic story of Rupert


Rupert has a very nice house. It is also filled with very nice people, who let us use the pool in the summertime.


 "On monday 23 of july I went round ruperts house for a swim. I really enjoyed myself 

and when the weather has been more than hot swimming is always the best way to cool down and enjoy yourself. To me a good swim is the best way to keep yourself  fit and its the best exercise cause you are using all your muscles. I had a go on the water guns aswell having a bit of a water fight.

                 The end" - John


Rupert has a very nice house - we all agree. We all enjoyed swimming there for his birthday celebrations a couple of weeks ago. But what does Rupert yearn for more than anything else?


Work. Rupert works very hard here at the Co-op. He is a very talented fellow. He loves working hard in the garden. Especially mowing the grass. His talents have been greatly under-valued this year due to the current heatwave. No grass growing means that work has all but dried up (no pun intended) for poor Rupert. This photo, taken earlier in the year shows Rupert in his prime.

Rupert yearns for the day that he can mow again. The value of work is often underrated - and many of the guys will tell you that their work is the most important thing to them. The chance to be part of a team, the chance to give back to the world they live in, even the chance to just lead a normal life.


They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, but Rupert just cannot take his mind off his work and thinks of when he will mow again. This thought consumes all others. Even when at a lavish party thrown for him with all his friends - his thoughts dwelled on the lawn.

How long would it be before he could be happy again? His drive. His passion. Taken from him by the scorching sun. How could this happen? Why me? All these thoughts and more set Rupert into a downward spiral of emotion. We re-assured him that there would come a time, perhaps after the rain, where the grass might grow again. Where his work could resume, and all could be the way it once was. This future seems a long way off now. Especially to Rupert. He is an expert in his field. A field-marshall in the art of lawns. And he is looking forward to mowing again. 

Red Arrows


I went to see the Red Arrows in Hastings.

I love them.

They made me jump when they come down

so fast red Arrows was so exciting to watch and see them at Hastings beach and I was so happy to see them I think they

 are really good


- Joe

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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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