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Weekly Update - Friday 22nd June

June 22, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of the Weekly Blog. We have been very busy as always, with lots of DVD nights, and trips to The Bridge.

New Staff!

We have had several new staff start over the past month. To get to know them better I put together a panel of interviewers to ask the hard hitting questions. 




Joe: What is your name? Jane

Grant: How have you enjoyed your training so far? I’m loving it

Joe: What do you like to do? What are your interests? I like reading and swimming

Grant: What is your most embarrassing moment? I tore my crucial ligament on a skiing holiday and had to be airlifted off the mountain. I took out the instructor and gave him a black eye.

Grant: What is your favourite food? I like all food but especially Mexican food

Joe: What is your favourite Movie? The Greatest showman is my current favourite

Grant: What is your favourite Music? Motown and soul music

Joe: What is your favourite Animal? Dogs. I have two dogs, Trixie and Daisy!




 Joe: What is your name?  Hannah

Grant: How have you enjoyed your training so far?  It’s been a really warm welcome. Lots of reading to do.

Joe: What do you like to do? What are your interests? I like anything arty – especially makeup.

Grant: What is your favourite food? Raspberries and kebabs (but not together)

Joe: What is your favourite Movie? Pitch perfect

Grant: What is your favourite Music? I like everything.  From heavy metal to rock to rap. Even ‘Barby girl’ by Aqua

Joe: What is your favourite Animal? Giraffes, Elephants and Dogs




Molly started at the same time as Jane and Hannah, but seems to have somehow missed the interview process.  Sorry Molly! We can imagine her most embarrassing moment might have been when we discovered her email address - which she says she made when she was 13. 


She is friends with Lian - so if she is anything like her then she will have no problems :)





 Suzy is not technically new but has been away for 9 months. This does mean we can weave a bit more insight into her answers......


Joe: What is your name? - Suzy (Safety Suzy to most)

Grant: How have you enjoyed your training so far? - It’s been very good (I miss sitting at home all day with my child and dog)

Joe: What do you like to do? - What are your interests? Most evenings I like having takeaways and wine in my Jacuzzi. (I have no hobbies)

Grant: What is your most embarrassing moment? - Probably just continual face planting. (I resent that my ambitions of being a model never came to pass)

Grant: What is your favourite food? - Pizza! I LOVE Pizza.  (no comment needed)

Joe: What is your favourite Movie? - Forgetting Sarah Marshall (I only like rom-coms)

Grant: What is your favourite Music? - Singalong songs (I just like to sing – no matter the tune)

Joe: What is your favourite Animal? - Dogs!  (I love my dog a lot more than is strictly necessary)

Bridge gardening


Things are progressing with the legal transfer stuff at the bridge - but in the meantime we have been getting stuck in at the Bridge garden and allotment! Our mission - to clear the weeds, plant vegetables, and generally get everything ship-shape. 


'The bridge is a new place in Ore. We go there to dig, clear up mess and wood. We also put black stuff over the soil to cover it. We have cut the grass with lawn mowers and strimmers. We also get to play with a rotorvator. We stop for water for us to drink. Then we start work again. When we finish we come to Parchment.'


- Barry

​I went to skate world in Eastbourne

And I joined in for jens birthday party

You know wart the funny thing was that I had my boots wrong feet for half time

And to song was good pop song

Went with a group friend form Parchment.

Went there in the Van that I hard great time.

I would love to go back.


By Joe

Fake News


I was told on the internet the other day that fake news is one of the biggest threats to our democracy. In these crazy times we live in that we need sources of news we can trust. Obviously we here at the blog would NEVER allow mis-information to be spread. Even so, I was concerned that we may be letting fake news slip in without our realisation. I went to Nick to find out a big more about fake news - and how to spot it. 


Nick is an expert on fake news. He has perfected his pronunciation of the word 'wrong!' and has trawled the darkest corners of the internet in his quest for truth.  He informed me that not even the trustworthy BBC is beyond printing lies and deception nowadays. His advice - when we hear a sensationalist headline that we should take a second to think about whether it checks out. He gave me this example:



 At a glance this headline is both shocking and believable! Ben isn't around as much these days, and we can all believe that he would spend his free time eating London Zoo if he could. But a little know fact about Ben is that he is allergic to zebra, meaning it would actually be impossible to eat an entire zoo without a serious reaction. Clearly the BBC missed this piece of information before publishing their article. 



Another example - it would appear that our Wendy ate an entire London Bus! This is especially shocking as Wendy, a self proclaimed 'uber-vegetarian', would have had to consume all the leather seats that everyone knows London busses are famous for. 


But wait! Something about this story doesn't check out. Wendy - a keen tree hugger and general green fanatic -  told us that busses are fantastic as they save the planet by reducing traffic. Whilst she did say that she would never consider using one herself, it seems unusual behavior that she would eat one given the benefits for the planet. 


It seems that fake news is around us everywhere - and we have to be vigilant to spot it and put a stop to it. 

Beat The Street


Beat the street starts up again on June 6th. For those who missed it last year, you may notice little green boxes popping up on lamp-posts around East Sussex. The idea is that as a school or community centre, you can collect points by walking (or cycling) between these boxes and scanning a magnetic card. The organisation that collects the most points over the month of June is awarded some equipment and prizes. Last year we we heavily beaten by the large schools with 100's of students, and realistically we will struggle again to take home any significant prizes. We do however hope that it will be a chance for us to work on our health and fitness, and have a bit of fun along the way.

Kyle tells us about the food bank - and how he has been helping out


'The first time I heard about the food bank was from john and he ask me would I be interested I asked steve  if I good have it as my placement but grant need a placement but I had already had a placement at the hastings centre so I am a reserve and if any one cant go I take there place


At the food I help sort out the food in to different boxes for pasta beans meat sweet snacks savoury snacks rice coffe cereal tea bags tin food there a lot of boxes its harder to rember them all. THE REASON WHY THE FOOD BANK IS THERE BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE CANT AFFORD FOOD'

Maternity + Paternity


Suzy is (finally) back from maternity leave, which is great news! Cherrie and others were very happy to see her return, and before the week was over if felt like she had never left. She has made herself at home, and her bubbly outlook on life has been great to have around. She seems to be happy with motherhood, having bumped her personal photo collection up from 20,000 to 35,000 photos in the space of a year.


This has had it's downsides however. Ben, after talking to Suzy about how easy her life was, quickly took advantage of the situation to go away on his own paternity leave for the next 6 months. The trend for babies continues, as Jack has also managed to increase the size of his family footprint.

England played tunisa on monday night

in their frist world cup game

it ended both 2-1 with good goals

form Harry kane who i think

is a good player

the last goal was a header

following a corner in the

last minute of injury time


- Grant

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