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'Weekly' Update - Friday 20th April

April 20, 2018

The 'Weekly' Update is back! (We have been very busy - honest!)

There have been many developments whilst we have been on hiatus. As many will have heard, we have been successful in a bid to take charge at The Bridge Community Centre - which is winding down. We are all very exited to see the new possibilities this brings. 

Lian and Emily have been exiting additions to our staff team, and seem to be fitting in very well. They have now heard all of Barry's jokes and read a good chunk of the files.

Brad moved on to pastures new, and is missed by all. 

Stacy is off on maternity leave (See you in 2019!)

Summertime is coming and shorts are becoming more and more commonplace.

We have had the pool table resurfaced in a new blue cloth.

Joe's new Locker


 If you have talked to Joe in the past few months you may have heard him talking about 'my new locker'. He has had his eyes set on a locker that used to house the golf clubs, with the ambition of turning it into a Tardis themed locker to replace his current one. (Maybe he hopes it will be bigger on the inside!) After several weeks of sanding, painting and repainting, it is ready!! Well done Joe!

Easter Holiday - Grant Brookes


I went on a bike from Hastings to Bexhill. It was a very wet day.

We had lunch in Mcdonalds and then went back to Hastings to see my mum. We had a meal at home, and watched a flim. On Saturday i went to town on my own and Firmley on saturday night. On Sunday my framliy meal was a Roastdinner. Lastly on  Monday I went to town.

My carers new apple mac computer - Jamie


my carers old apple mac she had for 12 years


on her old apple mac  everything was dying on her like her emails and  would take a couple of hours to come


her new apple mac is identical to the parchments apple mac but my  carers apple mac as bigger screen. When I went to book my coach ticket it wouldn't let us get to the booking stage so my carer had a friend to  transfer everything from her old mac to her new mac.  The transfer took 10hrs to complete. Then I went back to national express to book coach ticket and it let  us get to the next step. When she first got her new apple mac most the programmes   required  adobe flash player. Like her playing games on Facebook. I like my carer new  apple mac because it is faster than her old one.  my carers new apple mac when we printed my coach ticket it printed double sided.  I give my carers new apple mac 10 out 10.



Hello im kimberley I go swimming evey three weeks. I made good progress from just going from the small pool to the big pool and learning to swim. when I go again I will start from the deep end and then go to the shallow end. when I went last time I already started doing that because I went half way from the deep end to the shallow end. I was really proud of myself. I was swimming all the time I was there. My friends where playing with a beach ball. Playing catcth when they had enough of swimming.


- Kimberley

The Celebrity Letter Board


In literacy we have had a go at letter writing, to ask some of our favorite people whether they would be able to donate prizes for an upcoming raffle. So far we have had responses from;

Jeremy Kyle, who attached a signed photograph!

J.K. Rowling


Sony (Who didn't donate a brand new PS4 as requested)


We are hoping for more responses soon!

Louise has an opinion of Erica


Erica is my lovely key worker she is very bright lady. and she is very popular to me she got a lovely smile and coolest . She does really good hard worker for parchment trust  and she is really funny and I like her clothes she comes out in 1944 from the war. me and her get on each other doing some lots of activities and she made my day and she has got lovely hugs to me I am glad I got her as my key worker she is a wonderful counsellor at parchment trust to me  she is  like a princess  too she also does knitting club too


by Louise Taylor

My trip to Doncaster - Cameron McMillan


I went  to Doncaster  to visit my sister Milena, Danny her fiance  and my baby nephew  Carter.

I went in the blue car  with  Dad and  my younger sister  Isabella. 

Once we got to Doncaster I saw  Carter  and then  i had curry for dinner which my  Stepmum  made. 

We stayed the night  in the living  room.

I slept on a green camp bed  which  we once took to France.

I woke up and chilled with my stepmum Angelica  and Carter  then  i  had   lunch at the White Horse Inn.

For lunch, i had a starter which was prawns  a main  which was roast pork and a dessert which  was malteaser  cheesecake.

After having lunch I headed back home to Hastings.

For Science!


Sometimes a good bit of research can change the way we look at the world. In numeracy, we decided to head out around the block to do a vehicle survey. We split into two groups, one noted the colours of the vehicles they encountered, another noted the types of vehicle (cars, vans etc.) Once back at base we began practising our graphs so that we could publish the research that we came back with. 


We gathered some comprehensive data, and worked as a group to create some of the interesting graphs that you see below. This research will no doubt influence car buying habits for years to come. (YELLOW IS NOT COOL)




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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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