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Weekly Update - Friday 9th Feb

February 9, 2018

Welcome to the Weekly blog, where as always we have lots of interesting things to talk about!

Later tonight we have many parents and carers coming on down to Theaklen drive for a fancy meal. Lots of work has gone into this, with Jade Alan and Stacy spending most of Thursday and Friday in the kitchen making various tasty dishes. Many others are volunteering on the night to be waiters, wash up or other jobs. Hopefully it will be a opportunity for those attending to tell their stories and for us to acknowledge the hard work that has been put in over the years.

We had even more snow on Monday! It wasn't enough to close us like last time but we did have to call off geocaching. Dominic proves that it really wasn't that big a deal - here he is in shorts! Brrrr




 Barby keel with the chickens on a Friday

I enjoy going to barby keel

1. get your wellies on

2.       get the tools in the wheelbarrow then we walk to chickens then we  choose the right  tool  then we clean the  chickens  clean the straw out then the straw in wheelbarrow  then take it trailer

3.       get the egg box collect the  egg  then the eggs go to barby keel house then to be sold on  to then  volunters and to the  members of the public 



by jamie and cherrie

Chantelle - Weekend in Hastings


We went  to town we wnt to HMV to get a CD then went to st andrews market I got my friends a dog a toy, and went and  to  Cash Coverter I got the mummy DVD returned.I took michaela to get her bus back home then i went to the sation at 6;00 to wait for my bus ore to down frarm at 6;15 i got to hoard at 6 ;25 me  and grant and michaela was waitting for the  bus to come  it didt come untill 7.02 we went to Flimley we have to pay 2.00 pound to get in it was a disco  it finsh at 8;40 we wait for the bus 22 ore king head to go home on sunday moring we went to boathouse at glay gap school we pay 6 pound to get in we done the worm up all around the hall we had to pear up do a robot movi then had break. and went back to the hall copy people doing went back to millie van to go home wen i got home i went on my phone i was on youtube to watch eastenders old one then on monday went to my friends house we went to town to do shopping then we got the bus back to my friends house and i saw tessa pups one was back and writ and one brown i help her pating radiator i had dinner spag boil at 7.pm we watch suppervet at 8pm we watch eastenders wen it finsh we watch diy sos and then at 9 pm we watch family guy didnt get home  untill 10.40 pm i seeing my friend on thursday i having my ears pricings near my friend house it will cost me 15 pound

A rose by any other name....


It's amazing what you can learn on the internet these days. In art, we have been taking advantage of our projector to follow some educational guides. Last week we learnt how to draw dogs, using a series of circles, shapes and lines. This week we had a go at making roses! They are quite a complicated and detailed thing to draw, but take a look at some of our finished artwork - they turned out very well! 


Mama Mia – by Rupert


Dancing all around a lot of people in the town. Get married that girl that boy love each other. Big party everyone come drinking lots of alcohol very loud music. They got a boat big one on their own away. I watched it last week here lot of water come down. Kissing lots dancing on a beach spinning around wow. Singing leg ball wears a dress. They go in the water, on a boat and they go in a church.

They sing money money money, they were dressed up in a dress. I liked it a lot.

They have a pub, bar on the beach, a man singing and cut an apple.

They got a meal a lot of food. Fall asleep and a lot of dancing as well. Running to beach and to the castle at the top, why all singing a lot more singing. Playing a guitar on the boat and all singing, then she jumps in the water. In water you get wet. Silly would not come down and take shirt off and all going around. They dance with eachother and wash hair,she painted her feet hands.

They were swimming in water, she pushes that boy and spin around in chair wooooooooo, she puts her leg on his shoulder. The door fell out, wearing scarf, hat and glasses.

Walk round, chase, putting hands up. Bonoculars looking at people, I love it.

There was a cake in there, another man gets that girl, got another dress aniother one blue.

Silly at church, washing table, washing clothes on line, make table, locked doors.

They get ready with glasses of champayne, wine and beer,

 The ceiling fell down and the rope came down another way. Towel on her head and brush her teeth in the bathroom.

Two girls on top running along here in a dress, a long dress, its really funny.

Dark clothes and staff a lot of men silly jump around ohhhhhh.

Put the girl out the way, a lot of men on the bridge jump out, a lot of men come out of water.

Dad's  Travels


Dad leaves for  Kenya  in Africa on the 22nd February

He is going out there to record an album  called Humanity

My dad is a trumpet player and a music producer

he often works from home but travels every now and then

he has only recently  come back from Japan

When  Dad  is away  I go over to  Mum's

Dad will be  away for  2 weeks

While Dad is away he will be helping to record   a new  album with my uncle Kirk

Dad is looking  forward to working on this album

  - Cameron

Bob and shadow - Pony and Horse


After BarbyKeel's we went out to see Erica's horses shadow and bob. We watched the vet check bob's teeth he had a really wobbly tooth. I walked bob to the field. I really liked going to see the horse, it made me feel really happy. On the way home we went to Mcdonalds for a hot chocolate and had a packed lunch at the beach. 

- From Eileen Worthington

That's all for this week!

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