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Weekly Update - Friday 2nd Feb

February 2, 2018

We are back with the (not quite weekly) Weekly Blog! We have had a busy few weeks, with the yearly staff training day last Friday and new placements starting up. This week Nick and John helped out with the food bank, Claire talks about what she gets up to at the weekend and Sean talks about his ambitions of owning a boat! 

Staff Training day


Last Friday was a special date in the Parchment Calendar. All branches of the organisation were closed for the day to free up the whole staff group for targeted training. This year we had 3 sessions focusing on core values and purpose, Signing with Makaton, and Dysphagia - with a focus on safe eating and drinking.


In the core values and purpose session we took a look back at the past, with Theresa and Steve learning powerpoint to bring us a gloomy presentation on institutions and eugenics. We talked about how things have changed since those dark days and where we are going in the future. We talked about where we get our goals from and why they are important to us and our work. 


Makaton is a functional sign language aimed at assisting our communication, especially with those that have speech and language problems. We had a hands on session where we learnt some of the essential signs and thought about how we might encompass more signing into our communication. We focused on functional signs such as 'help' and 'more', which we aim to use in our day to day lives. 


Dysphagia is the term for symptoms of difficulty or discomfort in swallowing. It turns out that the body is very clever and complicated at the back of your throat, and while you may swallow 1000's of times a day without even knowing about it, there is a lot of room for error. The great thing about Dysphagia training is that we were allowed to try a variety of foods, with certain restrictions on the way we ate them - to experience first hand what some of the difficulties that can arise - and what we can do about them. 


Over lunch we had a staff photo. This is quite revealing of the different personalities that we have accumulated this year. 

What a strange lot. 


A big thank you to external trainers Sarah and Mark for coming in to deliver some very interesting sessions!


I       go       to     drama       every        sunday       we        do       

battle     of      hastings         we       practise        then       we        put      it        to      show        people       our        show.        kevin      barry

kevin      barry       runs       drama        and        millie       helps       us

three     little     birds      by      bob   marley         and        

over       the       rianbow        by       judy      gardland

true     colours      by        cyndi      lauba

footloss         by      kenny      logins

now        its       happydays       by        brat    and      ma clain     on         singing      and        singing.        I      love        doing     

drama       on      sundays.     


-  Claire T

The band at Parchment

Will need some band practice. The two managers will find a song the band are happy with. The band got together after 3 band members got bored with the old band. Soon the band members will need to be interviewed by the two managers. The new name for the band is lightning 3000. The band members are;

Lead singer Wendy

Lead singer Teresa

Lead guitarist Matt



I like to go fishing on a  Wednesday morning. On  the camber run I looked at a bot in the lake with lights and remote control it dropped bait off the bottom of the boat. It was excellent watching him drive. Is picture of the boat

it costs 300 pounds. I  would like to buy one but cant afford to buy one.


- Sean Carter

What I've done this week so far - Jamie Hulbert


monday morning I did vehicle checks I helped with  checking the screen wash then we went to checking the tyre presure on the vehicles


monday afternoon we did health walk but we had to do our walk so drove to winchelsea beach


tuesday morning I went to bexhill libery then I saw some southern trains passed by to bexhill train station


tuesday afternoon I did football in alexander park then at 16.00pm I got the public  bus to the health  centre to check my ear then I went  home


wednesday morning I did barby keel I cleaned out the pigs


wednesday afternoon I did bike maintenance then I got the bus to my mates house for dinner


thursday morning I did a walk


thursday afternoon I helped gary burgess out with formating the computers

That's all for this week folks!

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