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Weekly Blog - Tuesday 23 January

January 23, 2018

A couple of unfortunate circumstances have prevented the blog from taking up its usual Friday slots for the past couple of weeks (shoutout to Steve who managed to completely delete the completed blog I gave him to proof-read! Oops!)


Given that this Friday is our staff wide training day, the time has come for a break in tradition. Prepare for a Midweek Special! 

(Assuming Steve doesn't delete this one too!) 

Kitchen Time


Kitchen time sessions are a chance for us to focus on a particular recipe or method and practice in smaller groups. This is great experience for those who live independently or wish to learn those skills for the future. A few weeks back we undertook 3 separate kitchen time sessions, each with a slightly different recipe and learning objective. 

Monday - Omlette


 On Monday 8th January 2018. I did kitchen time in the afternoon with Sonia and John.

We went over the road to get the ingredients from Asda. But  I paid for the ham and  Sonia paid for the cheese and John paid for the eggs with our own money. Amber came over with us too and we went back to Parchment with the ingredients  then we had to get three mixing bowls out then we  used a frying pan first of all we cracked two eggs each then in with some margarine and then mixed that in with the eggs. Then when we had done that we poured it into the measuring jug then into the pan itself. then Amber supervised us with learning how to use the spatchula to put underneath the omelette stop it from sticking. But first of all Amber put in the Vegetable oil in first before cooking it. Then when it was cooked I decided to try it out to see what it was like then I went to get myself a plate to put the cheese and ham Omelette on then I took it into the dining room to eat it and it was very nice.

When I had my Omelette then I went to wash my plate up then my mixing bowl then my fork and my knife the end.               Written and typed up by Charlotte Ashbey 

Wednesday - Pasta 


On Wednesday Jonathan, Maria, Lozano and Catherine learned how to make perfect pasta. They hopped over to ASDA to search out the all important ingredients. In the end they decided to garnish their pasta with some pesto, bacon and mushrooms. Once they had found and purchased our ingredients they followed a very detailed plan, focusing especially on the process of preparing pasta, which is a key part of many easy meals. Once they were all happy with the process they had a go themselves. After the pasta was happily boiling away they sorted out the bacon, mushroom etc and put everything together to take home. Lozano was pleasantly surprised that his simple meal tasted so good!

Friday - Pizza!


Hi my name is Lloyd Elliott I like to do cooking at the parchment on Fridays.


I am looking forward to cooking  a pizza this Friday. I am going to Asda to get the

ingredients(mushrooms/tomatoes/cheese and ham).Then back at the parchment I am

going to prepare  the food by chopping up the mushrooms and tomatoes,also grating

the cheese to put on the pizza base.once placed in the oven I will let it cook for 10 to 15 mins


When I do cooking next time, I would like to make some cakes.I like chocolate cookies, chocolate

fudge cakes and jam doughnuts.



Exercise at The Parchment Trust

By Cherrie Smith and David Fox


Here at The Parchment Trust we do lots of exercising, from walking, the gym, fitness on site, Hannah boogie, Football, tennis, badminton, dancing, kickboxing and swimming.

David signed his favourite is Hannah Boogie and hydro.

Cherrie's favourite exercise activity is dancing.

Exercise is important to keep us fit and healthy, we also talk about healthy foods and foods to avoid.

Good foods for us are bananas, oranges, salads and vegtables.

Bad foods for us are cakes, chocolate, crisp and ice cream.

The best drink for us is water, the drinks are not good for us are fizzy drinks, caffine and milkshakes.

To keep healthy you need to exercise and eat well.


By Cherrie Smith and David Fox.

For too long our front garden has been the laughing stock of Theaklen Drive. We have resolved to remedy this in 2018. Grand plans have been drawn up, with suggestions of water features, crazy golf, exotic plants, koi karp, and a boating lake.  Charlie suggested a 20ft marble statue to our founding fathers, Andrew and Barry, sharing a triumphant high five with mechanical moving arms and flowing capes.  

So far we have blitzed the area, and covered it with a tarpaulin to combat those pesky weeds. Planning permission for the Elephant house has yet to come through, so Gary has been out to pick up woodchip to cover the area. Plants to follow.


Vehicle Wash - Cameron


I do vehicle wash on Friday

its about washing the vehicles   mainly cars   

I  use the hose pipe to wash the cars 

other  service users  do this  every Friday

I hoover the inside of the cars

I squirt water to clean the cars with the hose

I then try to get rid of the rubbish from the inside of the car

I pack the hose away


Moving house


on the 2nd of october 2017 I moved to Bexhill from Northiam. I packed all of my stuff and took it to my new house and started to unpack it all. I put my dvd's and book's on the shelf and my clothes in the drars and wardrobe. I cook for all the people in the house all diffant food like curry's and pasta bake. I liked meeting new people and I realy misst my mum for a little while but I got usest to it. and setaled in realy well. my mum and dad come over to see me and we take the dog for a walk his name is buddy and he is a siberian husky.


he is a very nice dog he likes to walk on the beach. we went to a cafe for a drink and the owner loved buddy he called him blue eye's and gave him dog coffee and a treat. We would go back to my house and then mum and dad would go home back to northiam. then I would tydy my room when I finish tyding my room I would go out for a walk round the park. and in the evening I would go for a walk with james ledger. aloug the sea frount and go for a drink in subways. from eileen worthington.

Charlotte Tells us about one of her favorite film series - Harry Potter


 Last Wednesday afternoon I started a project on Harry Potter,  looking at pictures of him, to choose for my front cover to start it off so tomorrow afternoon, I will look up all of the cast who were in it. I am looking forward to seeing their biography and their fact file on themselves. Harry Potter in the film he has an uncle who isn't very nice to him. He looks about eleven years old. The boy who picks on him is called Draco Malfoy. Harry has a friend called Ron Weasley and he has ginger hair.


His friend is Emma Watson plays Hermione Granger. It looks interesting what Harry Potter does and I like his Hogwarts uniform he wears, he plays a good part when he tells Draco Malfoy straight in the first film of Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. Draco Malfoy tells Harry Potter what to do, who to be friends with and who not to be friends with, and so Harry confronts him when he tells him I can tell the wrong sort for myself thank you. Harry Potter is my first favourite Actor, Draco Malfoy plays the villain in the film and his dad isn't very nice either so I will be looking for the guy who plays Draco Malfoy he has blonde hair but he plays a good part in the film even though he does act well being the villain but he isn't horrible in real life. But he does play a good part as the villain he makes a good bully, he picks on Hermione Granger.


 Hermione Granger does know how to stick up for herself towards him. She is a good actress  who plays a good part. Emma Watson is the young lady who plays Hermione Granger. Hagrid plays a good part as well!  Hagrid  was good for what  he did for Harry Potter he delivered Harry Potter  to his aunt and uncle, he was a baby on their doorstep and he had a zigzag scar on the right side of his forehead.

                                                Written and typed up by Charlotte Ashbey


Health Walk


I go health walk 

I meet at old town 

we walk to  hasting pier

 we walk up the hill

the home the hill look all hasting

we walk in sun or raid

the walk is  good is for you


- James Ledger


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