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Weekly Update - Friday 05 Jan (2018!)

January 5, 2018

A new year is upon us! We returned on Tuesday full of energy and New Years spirit. After planning for the week we have been gradually easing ourselves back into routine. We have been on a couple of healthy walks (to try and shed some of that Christmas pudding!) along with some other regular activities like photography and gym. We have also been practising our letter writing by writing to some of our favourite celebrities! Read on for more. 

2017 in pictures


Sometimes before looking forwards it is interesting to look back. We have looked back over the past year and assembled some of the best photos from the past year. Take a look at all the exiting activities and developments that occurred in 2017

Remember to scroll on down for more (there is a max of 20 photos per gallery so I have had to create 4 individual galleries)


Jan - May