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Weekly Update - Friday 15 December

December 15, 2017


We had actual snow this week for the first time in years, which saw cancellations to schools and widespread disruption throughout the area. On Monday we woke up to good old fashioned rain, but shortly after arriving at the Co-op the rain become snow, and to our surprise it started to settle quickly on the damp ground. Staff were dispatched rapidly to grit the walkways and pavements. Excitement (and in a few cases, panic) set in, and before long we had to make the decision to close the service. We haven't had proper snow in many years, and it really splits opinion. As fun as it may be to build snowman and make snow angels, many people struggle with the change and the extreme conditions. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure everyone gets home safely. 


Here's what a few of our service users think about the situation. 



I was surprised when it started snowing! I was happy when it snowed. I like snow. Wendy gave me a lift in the 4x4. When I got home I went for a walk! It was alright! I went with Eileen. There wasn't as much snow in Bexhill. 


Joe C:

I don't like snow. I like the rain. I make it rain. I do my rain dance! I hate snow. No More snow. Raining not snowing no more! Oh yes I will! I'll do the rain dance. Take that snow away. I like rain!



It was horrible! It was icy, slippery. I helped my dad to the car by holding his arm to help him. When I got home I stayed in and made my bed, watched my DVD's as well. I don't want it to snow again, its annoying and its dangerous. 



I loved it! I stayed out in the back garden and had lots of cigarettes. I went for a walk with James. It was cold but it was lovely! 



They stopped the buses. I had to walk up the hill from the station. In the freezing cold. Didn't get home till 12. When I got home I watched the Jeremy Kyle show. It was good. Fell asleep in the chair. Cold day. Yeah. 



I woke up yesterday it wasn't snowing, so I went in to Parchment. When i got there it's started to snow, and then it started to settle. When the snow settles it becomes dangerous and slippery. Because it was dangerous Andrew and Jade sent everybody home. Mum came to pick me up in the car, we went home and watched Christmas films. Good fun and I really enjoyed it!



I came to Parchment Trust to spend a little bit of time there. Then to find Parchment was closing for the the day then I went home but I got the bus to Hastings then to find the 21/21a was stuck in Malvern way due to the snow then I got my carer to pick me up from the station then I went on my computer and watching TV.

Joe C: Heartbeat vs The Bill 

I like heartbeat better than the Bill. The Bill's rubbish. The Bill should run away. I got heartbeat on CD in my room. I like all of them. I hate the Bill. The daleks should shoot them. The daleks should destroy them! They'll die. The bill's going to heaven! 

Natalie and Rebecca both had birthdays on Tuesday. They went out for a cooked breakfast together to celebrate!


We went to ASDA's it was really good actually with a group. It was nice. I had poached eggs, sausage, tomatoes mushrooms beans and toast! John went, and Lloyd, Eileen, Rebecca, Karina and Wendy G. I'm going out tonight as well!

- Natalie 


Tonight - The Christmas Lock-in!


Every year at Christmas time we keep the Co-op open for an evening to host the Chistmas 'lock-in'. This annual tradition dates back many years.For those who are planning to come there is food and fun, with movies and games and lots of time to enjoy each others company. Here are a handful of photos from last year to give you a flavour. 

 This year will have all of the traditional elements (pizza, film, etc). Jack is also hosting an open FIFA tournament, which will have a round robin stage before the knockout matches. There 

I went to the library today. I read some fishing books, about catching them and different hooks you use, how to put them back carefully and different weights. Then I got another book and I learnt about the different coloured fishes and the different names and then that's it really, I came back here with Erica. 

- Sean

    I do miss doing my disney Project  I will look forward to doing it again.

    So I cannot wait for that, it will be good fun to look up for the

    Disney characters again like Cinderella, Princess Auaura, Princess Ariel,

    Princess Repunzel, Princess Pocohantas, Princess Belle,

    Princess Tiana and The Frog. I would like to collect a lot of pictures of

    Princess Belle and pictures of Princess Princess Cinderella

    and I would like to listen to Ultimate Disney Princess Music to go with my Disney Project

    which will be nice when I do my Disney project

    I am really enjoying my projects but at the moment I have been doing some of my other

    projects like my military project. Out of the disney princesses who are my favourite who are

    Cinderella and like to collect pictures of Princess Belle and the Beast also Snow White

    I like to look up for Prince Nirveen who is the prince who gets married to Princess Tiana

    she is the princess who wears a mint green dress. She wears a Tiara

    Princess Tiana is the coloured Princess and she keeps a pet frog. I am getting back into watching

    my Disney Films again. Cinderella wears a blue satin dress and a blue ribbon in her hair to make

    hair look nice. Cinderella has yellow hair and she is the princess who marries prince Charmin.

    Prince Charmin is the handsome prince who marries Cinderella. I like the little mice in the

    film of Cinderella.    

    - Charlotte A

From all of us at the Co-op, have a great weekend! One more blog till Christmas!           






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