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Weekly Update - Friday 8th December

December 8, 2017

After a bit of a hiatus the blog is back! With 3 weeks worth of material to talk about, and lots of exiting happenings going on! We have had carol services, coffee mornings, and much other frivolity. 

 Christmas Coffee Morning


A big thank you to everyone involved in our annual Christmas Coffee Morning. With your help we have managed to raise over £1800, our highest ever! 

We spent many days preparing, gathering resources and setting up stalls. We spent many months working on craft to sell and ideas for games.  Special mention should go to Heather (commander in chief) and Wendy (who gave up her free time making £300 of craft!), who have been key in both planning and execution. A special thanks should also go to all of our wonderful volunteers, of whom there are far to many to list individually. You are greatly appreciated for all of your help throughout the year.


As well as being a fantastic opportunity to raise some money, the coffee morning allows parents carers, and other interested parties a chance to get to see what we have been doing over the year, and gives the guys a great chance to chat and get to know new people. It is something that the guys can be proud of, as they see their arts and crafts selling and making someone else happy. This helps give tangible value to what they do, so thank you for coming and spending lots of money. We couldn't have done it without you!

Helen Christmas Article 8/12/17

On Christmas Day i will open my Christmas Present and i will get a lot of Little Mix stuff from my Brother Stephen and his wife Melissa hopefully and i will just have a nice Christmas being at home with my family on Christmas Day then we have 32 people round for boxes day for a nice Christmas meal with crackers Yummy roast dinner. Helen Sear

Lindsey's having a baby!


For those of you who didn't notice, or were afraid to ask, Yes. Lindsay is having a baby. She had her last day before her maternity leave today. As Steve put it - 'Some people will do anything for some time off!' She will be missed greatly while she is away, and has made a big difference with her smiley outlook and bulging biceps. See you in 9 months! We all wish you good luck. 

Last week our coffee machine was placed "Out of Order". One eye witness who saw the sign go up told our reporters that it was"Unbelievable" others questioned "What am I going to do for a drink?" 

Every year we attend a carol service up at St Helens Church next to Friary Gardeners. This year we have had the talents of Jack at our disposal, and he worked hard on transforming our ragtag group into an elite choir. With classic songs such as Silent night, away in a manger, O come all ye faithful, Jingle Bells and White Christmas, our new and improved choir hit the audience with a heart felt and moving performance. After the service we nipped round to Friary Gardeners for a bite to eat and a chance to socialise.

We now have a whole year before anyone will be allowed to sing again.

On a side note, its time for the first ever Parchment 'Guess the movie', where we take a popular movie summary and change one or two small details;


'Overly enthusiastic guitarist Jack Stevens gets himself thrown out of his rock band and finds himself in desperate need of work. Posing as a music tutor, he exposes his students to the hard rock gods he idolises and emulates -- much to the consternation of the uptight traditionalist Steve Barnes. As he gets his privileged and precocious charges in touch with their inner rock 'n' roll animals, he imagines redemption at a local 'Clash of the Choirs'. 

(His nickname is Jack Black for a reason!)

Placement (Coffee Box)


On Monday I work in the coffee Box at Hastings Centre, I work in the kitchen is what I do. I put the cups and plates and cutlery to get washed. I also sometimes take out the food for customs as well.

The staff are very nice people and there are very helpful as well and very kind.

I love working there a lot it has been a very good placement it does help me a lot it really does.

- Michaela



 Parchment in the morning I sometimes do the cooking for everyone I do sometimes do the washing up as well and also do the hooving and cleaning tables as well.

In the afternoon I do sometimes do hannah boogie or tennis I do enjoy this things I really do in the morning I sometimes do Photography as well. We sometimes have DVD evenings at parchment as well.

We also have lock-ins to parchment watching chirstmas dvds and food here as well I do enjoy that very much I really do 


Friary Gardeners


Friariy gardeners I go on Tuesday Wednesday and Firday on Friday I do the wages for people that go there I do like some maths but not much I sometimes do a mokacha has well, I love going to frairy gardeners I really enjoyed myself going there I really do the staff there are very nice and very helpful and very caring there really are.


-  Michaela Targett

Richard Hicks and Nicholas


On Saturday 18 November 2017 we went to see Steps in the Echo Arena Liverpool steps songs are scared of the dark chain, Reaction Dancing with a Broken heart,

heartbeat stomp, Better best forgotten, Better the devil you know, 

last thing on mind, After the love gone, 5 6 7 8,  Neon blue, Deeper shade of blue it s the way you make me feel, one for sorrow, tears on the dancingfloor, summer of love, paradse last, and 

Richard best Steps songs are it's the way you make me feel, 

chainReaction, one for sorrow,  love you more, Tregedy, Better the devil you know, Better bast forgotten, when I said goodbye, you ll be sorry,  here and now, story of my heart. 


by Richard hicks 


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