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Weekly Update - Friday 17th November

November 17, 2017

Welcome back to another exiting episode of the Weekly Blog!

Fancy Friday!

Left to right - Lindsay, Matt, Ben, Josh and Wendy go 'fancy' on Fancy Friday. 



They say variety is the spice of life. These folk seem to think so. They decided that today shall be the very first Fancy Friday. Will it become a regular event? They say that the first step is the hardest. They say that fear cuts deeper than swords. Will 'Fancy Friday prevail? We will follow this story as it unfolds. 

Claire Tewkesbury - Children with Downs Syndrome


Some        little        children          with        down      seyndrome            they        need        help      and        to       take       for       help         them        with         theire         defcultes          also        play       with         them          so        please         raise        money         for         there        charty     they       also        need        home      to      live       for        with         theire       parntes      for    christmas          to        spend         time         with        them.       





My 3 weeks holiday at my mums - Jaime


I wake up at 7am to get ready to leave the house by 9.15am

the coach came to pick us up in queens  road in the  hastings then got on the coach then 3 hours


then I got london victoria coach  then I got my lunch  then I walked to victoria departures to catch my connection to wakefield  4 hours and 15 minutes

then at 18.15 I got to wakefield then we got 195 to hemsworth 

then we ordered a takeway


then we went pickering the next morning


then a week later we went blackpool for the day


- Jamie H

My Holiday - James L


 I go to London with mum  on train. We go look all shop. We food in  cafe. We  hotel  in Oxford. We on  bus to  Oxford out on bus to look shop.

We have a food in cafe was cafe is good.  We come home on train from London   to Battle.

Christmas Coffee Morning


29th November is the day to put in your diaries for our annual Christmas Coffee morning! Below is a sneak peak of some of the craft that we will be stocking come that grand day.

We have these beautiful wooden snowmen (modeled by Dulcie) in both small and large sizes. Lots of hard work has gone into these, from the planning to the sourcing and then to the construction. Some of the eagle eyed viewers may also notice some of the shelves behind, stocked to the brim with other incredible goodies for sale. We hope that there will be something for everyone. Please come and support this event, as all funds raised will be going towards our fundraising pot to enable new and exiting opportunities for our service users! 

The Christmas Coffee morning will run on the 29th November, between 10am and 12pm. Everyone is welcome to come by and grab a bargain, or to just see what we have been doing and have a coffee!  

Saturday Group - Kyle 


on saturday a group of people from parchment meet up at weather spoons for a laugh and a few pints. some times me and Eileen go to the cinema we have lunch somtimes the food is not great. once or twice the group has planned to go to the cinema together sometimes we talk about things me john make each other in a hysterics.

The Sound of Music by Rupert Mitchell


            I like the Sound of  Music film. The best song is 'Edelweiss' sung by the Von-Trapp dad. I like the Lonely Goatherd song sung by all the children and the So Long, Farewell song. I like it when they are riding bikes and singing. The boy sings to the girl about being 16 going on 17. I like it when they are on the bed and sing My favourite things. They've got a big house where they have dinner. They get married at the end and Maria wears a pretty dress and there was a man in a big hat. They run away and go to church in her brown dress with a hood. They were dancing in a hall and they were running for a train and a boat. The boys and girls climbed up the tree. I sang Edelweiss in the Parchment show which what really good. My mum and dad also like this film and we watch it every Christmas.

Quiz Night tonight! 


Tonight we are hosting our fundraising quiz night! We have been preparing thoroughly and are set to go from 7pm tonight. We look forward to seeing all of you who plan to attend! It should be a fantastic evening with lots of fun quizzing to be had! 



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