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Weekly Update - Friday 10th November

November 10, 2017

A return to normality this week after the excitement of Halloween. This week, we had Molly with us from Bexhill College on her work placement. The finishing touches have been added to parchment-made items for the Christmas Coffee Morning and Steve finally turned on the heating!

As some of you may know, Steve is not one to bow to peer pressure; he has a very strong stance on the heating at this time of year. Instead, he informs people to "wear more layers" or "do some vigorous exercise" rather than fiddle with the pesky thermostat. He has however, finally given in. After witnessing a number of poor, frozen, shivering staff with thick woollen scarves and winter coats on, gathering around the kettle to make yet another cup of hot tea, in order to stave off the bitterly iced winds plaguing St Leonards. Some claimed that this was reminiscent of a certain character from 'A Christmas Carol'... "Bah Humbug!" All we know, is we are glad for a bit of heat.

Christopher and Caner practiced their expert "Great British Bake Off" skills earlier this week, by making a delicious, two tiered chocolate cake with a thick chocolate ganache sandwiching them, topped with another layer of thick chocolate ganache. Paul Hollywood would have been amazed and Prue Leith would be proud! Next time, here's hoping for an "Extra Slice" or two to share!

Tickets are still available for our Fundraising quiz and games night coming up next week on the 17th November! Doors open at 7pm for a 7:30 start, so get together in teams of 6 to compete! Cost is £5 per person, with fun prizes for the winning team! Bring your own bottle (small corkage charge of £1.00), and soft refreshments and a cake stall will be be available on the evening along with a raffle. Email leigh.odonoghue@parchment-trust.org.uk to book and please note that there are limited tickets so make sure you book now to avoid disappointment! It should be a fun filled evening of games and quizzing! So get swotting up on your general knowledge, sports, geography and maybe even popular music- it will be a night to remember!

Only a few weeks left until the Christmas Coffee Morning (29th November 10:00 - 12:00). Our woodwork group have braved the colder temperatures and have been busy measuring, cutting, sanding, hammering, painting and decorating the last few things to be sold. We have been working really hard and developing creative skills with the help of volunteers, who regularly enjoy getting stuck in and having fun with these projects.

There will be a variety of different hand crafted items for sale on the day, as well as unique Christmas gift ideas made by us. It's always a popular event, and we are excited to see you there! Come along for a coffee (or tea) and a slice of cake, and get your Christmas shopping started here with us!

Mike will sadly no longer be coming to volunteer for Thursday's art session, so we want to take the time to thank him for all of his hard work, time and effort over the last number of years. He has helped us to create lots of beautiful watercolour paintings and we have enjoyed working on fine tuning our abilities and skills with him. 

Mike you will be sorely missed but we look forward to showing you some of our future art work and hope you like it. 

All       dogs       and       cats       have       no         fur        and         wet        and         cold        they    have       no      food         and         drink         so        please          raise          some          money       for        them           to         find         a          home         for         them         also         take       care     of        them      give        them        food         and          drink        look        after        them       give     dog       toys       to       play     with          give       the       cats     toys         to         play       with.       To        raise        money        to       keep      alive       and    well .     


- by Claire

We have had the pleasure of having Molly on placement from Bexhill College with us the week as part of her course. She was welcomed very quickly, and got stuck into most of the activities. She even came and helped out gardening at 'The Welcome' in St Leonards-On-Sea, and was even treated to a hot chocolate.

We always love having a mixture of volunteers and people on placement spend time with us and it's nice to get to know the new faces. We wish Molly all the best of luck in her future endeavours and with the rest of her course.  

As of the 1st November, we had the pleasure of having Erica move from the DBS side of Parchment, to join us in the Co-op. She has jumped straight in to life on the other side including doing the run in the mornings, swimming at Summerfields as well as helping out around the centre and getting to know us all in her new role. She has been a welcome addition to the team.


 Blue skies along the Bexhill promenade- who would guess this is November?

Hope the weather stays this nice for your weekend!




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