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Weekly Update - Friday 27th October

October 27, 2017

Welcome back, a real treat (but no tricks) this week as we have been busy doing lots of interesting things... 

Big Gig – There’s me to me than LD

This Wednesday many of us headed on down to Hastings College to enjoy the ‘Big Gig’! There was lots to see and do, including many stalls and performances. We took a group down on the bus and they enjoyed looking around.

As well as all that excitement we set up a stall of our own! Lots of people worked hard with the multimedia to prepare leaflets, photos and even a 3 minute video to show off what we do. Jade represented the Co-op along with Dulcie. Andrew and Theresa were on duty to represent DBS and Friary gardens. They had lots of interesting conversations with the attendees, and hopefully will have demonstrated a bit of the flavour and character of all 3 sections of Parchment.


'Wednesday was a tiring day. I was up and out the door by half past 8 for the Big Gig. The Big gig was a thingamobobby for special needs people at Hasting college. All of the special needs people could perform and introduce stuff there and I performed there with boathouse at half past 1. We sang and we signed three little birds, roar, and a couple of other songs I can’t think of now. Jade, Theresa and Andrew were there for the Parchment trust, DBS and Friary Gardens. I spent most of my day with boathouse and Millies night club trying to get more members in, and the music man was there, I did a bit with them as well. The bike people were there and Martin from Active Hastings was there too. Artworks, loads of people were there. It was hard work and fun. The best bit was performing with boathouse and the worst bit was probably standing around and waiting to perform. Overall I enjoyed it very much.'

-Charlie Stephens

Owl City

On Thursday we had a group come in with some fancy owls to show us. I thought it would be a hoot to ask people to give me their best owl jokes. This is what they found on google. (resisting the easy twitter joke)

What is the most common form of owl on owl violence? Drive by hooting!

What’s an owl’s favourite subject at school? Owlgebra!

What happens to your owl if you don’t wash it? It smells fowl!

If you think these were bad then let me assure you, these were the best jokes we could find. The bar goes much lower. Owl humour is not in a good place right now. If you can think of a better owl related joke then we would love to hear it in a comment!



The lady came in with owls yesterday (on Thursday). We all got to stroke them. Some of us got to put them on our shoulders. I got one around the back of my head which was quite cool. It felt nice actually. The one around the back of my neck was pulling on my hair a little bit but it was a nice feeling and I loved them. There was barn owl, I think a tawny owl and a little owl and they were quite nice and relaxed.

 - Charlie

Two Reminders, 


Firstly, we are still looking for donations for our Christmas Coffee Morning (Wednesday 29th November, 10am-12pm) . We are running a chocolate tombola this year and need chocolatey donations especially! 


Also! a reminder we have a fundraising quiz night upcoming on the 17th November! Teams of 6, £5 per person, with fun prizes for the winning team! Bring a bottle (small corkage charge of £1.00), soft refreshments and a cake stall will be be available on the evening along with a raffle. Email leigh.odonoghue@parchment-trust.org.uk to book. Should be a fun filled evening of games and quizzing! 


All funds raised will be going towards our fundraising pot, which will be used to buy exiting new things to enable our service to provide opportunities of value to our users. Please support these events, they are always great fun and will support a good cause. 

On Monday Matt and a few friends were back in the kitchen making delicious buns as a part of kitchen time. They came out very well, and tasted great!



That's all for this week. Next week Steve has booked in quite a few pumpkin carving sessions, so expect to be spooked by some sinister carved creations!




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