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Weekly Update - Friday 20th October

October 20, 2017


    Its blog time again! More fun and shenanigans this week, with a smattering of hard work thrown in for good measure. 

Over the past two weeks we have been volunteering our gardening skills to help out at the Welcome in Silver Hill. They needed a team to come in and tidy the beer garden at the rear of the pub, and with our years of training on our own garden and the allotment we decided we were more than up for the task. We sent a crack team to go in and eradicate weeds, tidy up the flowerbeds, and cut back anything that didn't belong. It always feels good to do a hard days work!

Charlotte Ashbey's 

Harry Potter




  On Wednesday 27th September 2017 I went to Harry Potter world. It was a great day out and also looking around the studios, my favourite character is Harry Potter he plays a good part! and my second favourite favourite Character is Ronald Weasley who is good friends with Harry, it was nice looking around we had our lunch outside the cafe there and spending the whole day up there too.



We also saw the house of Privet Drive where Harry Potter lives at  number 3. we saw letters all over the place like in the first film that came out. There was Harry Potter Beer but I'm not really a beer drinker. I enjoyed it while walking through it  which was interesting about it. It was the first time I have been up there in the gift shop there were magic wands and saw the train. I had a go on the broom like I was flying for real.  


 My third favourite character who plays a good part is Emma Watson who plays as Hermione! And look around the whole studio. before we went to the shop we went to this special room like I was at the cinema   watching Harry Potter the films that was showing of it ! And when we went to the gift shop I bought myself a Harry Potter mug for £11.00 and a pen that costs £6.00


 written and typed up

by C.Ashbey

Joseph  Cosson

On Friday I'm not here. I'm not going to Barby Keel. I'm going to Eastbourne. It's on my planner too. I'm going to ride bikes. Iv'e been once before and they've got a track there. Its a big track. We ride the bikes round the track. We put a hat on because it's dangerous. last time I had a white one. They give you a hat and then you give it back later. And the bikes too.

 I like Eastbourne. I like the bike place. They have lots of bikes. They have red one, they have a big one, three wheel bikes. Red is my favorite colour. I am looking forward to it. I am putting my Ipad in my locker. I'm not taking it with me. Thats's dangerous. It will break. I'm leaving it here. Im going on the bus with the others.   


Editors Note: In a tragic turn of events Storm Brian was loitering around on Friday, and the extremely windy weather made cycling too dangerous a prospect. The trip has been pushed back to next Friday instead. Joe has been practising his rain dances of late, and may have got a bit carried away. 

Throughout the years many people from the Co-op have dreamed of being a celebrity. Little did we know we had a celebrity in our midst this entire time! Our very own David Fox went up to London this week, to inspect his brand new new Billboard! He has always been very photogenic, and likes to have his photo taken. He has now taken his winning smile to the streets of London, for thousands of people see. 

 The full text on the board reads;

David has a rare condition which affects his bones and his teeth and receives specialist care at the Eastman Dental Hospital. 

"I am very lucky to be helped at this hospital by such clever and kind people."


Nice one David! We are sure your smile will brighten the day of many many people who see it!

The Talking Dead Show


Last night I was watching a new show on fox called the talking dead with Jeffery  Dean-Morgan , Lennie James and Scott M Gimple.

Last nights show was all about the new season 8 of the walking dead and the 100th episode which is now airing on the 23 of October .

I also got to see the cast on T.V who were giving a special thanks to the people who have been supporting them throughout their journey.

I found the T.V show really interesting and I’m really looking forward to watching the show again

 - John Reilly

David Dwyer new car article


My dad took the ford fiesta zetec to a car dealer to get a new car, a kia vegan at kia deals. We traded in the ford fiesta zetec car for a kia vegan car and it is a good car to drive and looks nice too.  First we looked on the internet then we drove to Eastbourne and looked around the shop and bought it that day. This one has front and back electric windows, and it just drives better than the other one did. The other one had a few problems.



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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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