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Weekly Update - Friday 13th October

October 13, 2017

 A two week special this week, as we plow on through into the month of October! 

Last week we had some delicious home-made pizzas for lunch, so I decided to hunt down the chef to ask them a few questions.....


'This week I chose to make home-made pizzas with my cooking group. We chose the toppings from ASDA, we bought pizza bases, cheese, pepperami, mushrooms, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber. We chopped tomatoes up, chopped mushrooms up, put tomato puree on the bases of the pizza and after that we decorated the pizzas. We made 2 mushroom and tomato and 2 pepperami ones. Then we just had to bung them in the oven and cook them.'

- Sean


  Good job Carla Shannon and Sean, They tasted as good as they looked!

We have a couple of exciting upcoming events to announce. We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting another Quiz Night on Friday 17th November. Make a note in your diaries and sharpen up your minds, as last year we really enjoyed ourselves and the competition was fierce. 




It’s that time of year again and Christmas is getting closer. We are asking you to look through your cupboards for any unwanted gifts or donations for our Christmas Tombola or Raffle. We are also going to try a chocolate tombola so if you could donate one chocolate bar (Mars, Kit-Kat) we would be very grateful. Hope you can make it to the


 Parchment Christmas Coffee Morning on Wednesday November 29th, 10am-12am.


On Tuesday a group spent some time thinking about some of the important people in their lives, and how grateful they are to them. For some it was parents and carers. For Samuel, it was Homer Simpson. 


Kimberley and Charlie decided to write a spooky Halloween story - very fitting for Friday 13th! 


         It was just an ordinary night when I lost my husband George. We were happily married on a little farm on a little island, aptly named Bog island. Our favourite things to do were go for long bike rides in the damp foggy marshes, or take our loving, fluffy and caring Labrador, Ruth out for long walks. However, enough about us, I am here to tell you the tale of October the 31st.


On a cool, quiet night where the skies were crystal clear. A young couple decided to go for a long walk in the forbidden woods. These woods were always doused in fog. However, every October 31st, the woods would seem to open up in a way. The fog would lift and the trees would bloom.


This made the couple believe that they could enter the forest. The young man named George led his wife, Selena, and dog, Ruth, through the forest. As they entered, above everything else, they noticed a large amount of fluorescent mushrooms on the floor. They seemed sort of magical in a way. As if they were put there for a specific reason. After a short time discussing why the mushrooms seemed to be so real but so fake at the same time, they decided to forget about it and just carry on with their walk. It was a beautiful day and they didn't want to waste the time they had. After an hour of walking, the heavens opened and rain poured down upon them. This caused the bewildered trio to dash for shelter. After trudging through miles of wet, muddy forest. They chanced upon a castle. The castle looked ominous and mystical. However, something was drawing them towards it.


After long deliberations, there was nothing else to do but go up to the strange castle and try to enter. they went up to the door and knocked three times. On the third time, there was a large, booming voice that said

“Enter, if you please”. It came as a bit of  a shock to Selena when George reached his huge callus ridden hands out to turn the door handle. Selena had never realised how broken up her husbands hands were from the huge work load he takes on from the farm. She started to think about the farm and the happy mornings that they would always share with the animals sounding their various tunes. How far away were they really? And how long will it be until they were back there. The thoughts about the farm were stopped dead in their tracks due to the spine tingling shiver that ran through their bodies just as the door screeched open like the it hadn't been touched in over a thousand years. As the door came the the summit of its screeching, there was a stiff, sub zero breeze that brushed past the couple and the Ruth the dog standing in the gaping doorway.


 Inside there was one lonely flame standing off the wick of a candle, deep down the corridor that stood before them. Other than this lonely light, the whole castle seemed to be in a pitch black silence.


Charlie + Kimberley

 As the days grow colder and wetter there is more and more work to be done at Barby Keel animal sanctuary. We take a group there twice a week to help clean out the pigs and the chickens. We are tasked with clearing the used hay out of the pens, and sweeping the paths of any mess. It's hard and often messy work, but very rewarding, especially for the animal lovers amongst the Co-op, who get to experience a variety of different animals, from pigs to peacocks! 


 That'a all for this week


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