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Weekly Update - Friday 29th September

September 29, 2017

September is drawing to a close now, and summer is starting to fade, leaves are starting to fall and it's getting towards the conker season. Merry Autumn everyone! We have had an incredible week this week, with a huge trip out to Harry Potter World in Watford. We have also been redecorating through much of the week, with help from a small army of volunteers from the DWP. 

Harry Potter Trip 


Two bus loads of people arrived in Watford on Wednesday, to explore the magical world of Harry Potter! As you can imagine we were all very exited to take a behind-the-scenes look at all of the props, locations and special effects that helped create the famous films. It's a very long and detailed tour, as there is so much to see and do. There are models, and landscapes, some of the famous vehicles from the series, and you even get to explore many of the sets that you see from the movies. Excitement levels were sky-high, and everyone did very well to remain orderly and well behaved. There will be many memories which we will remember for a very long time. 


This trip has required a lot of careful planning over the past couple of months, especially from Simon who seems to be developing a reputation as the go-to trip planner. A big thanks should also go to all of the staff who worked late on the day in order to allow this trip to happen. The trip has been so successful that I have heard vague rumours of a return visit at some point, which would be nice for all those who wanted to go but were unable on this occasion. 



Harry Potter World By Dulcie D

I went to Harry Potter world on Wednesday

And I saw everything and I rode a broom and it was really good and would highly recommend this place it is amazing

And it was great fun by Dulcie D


Dining room make over


This week we have been very lucky to have some volunteers from the DWP come to help us paint and redecorate. They have worked very hard alongside some of our staff and service users, and have repainted the dining and meeting rooms, as well as doing a lot of tidying to our garden out the front. It has made a huge difference to the appearance. It has been a big group effort from a lot of people, especially Brad and Erica. Grant, Charlie, Matt Gary and many others have also been involved, and it has made quite a difference to the appearance of the affected rooms. 

First we filled in the holes then we had to wait a couple of hours for the filling to set so we went over to screwfix and got this taping stuff to go on the floor and then we laid it out and put it all down. In the afternoon we started to paint it all. Erica was a bit knackered after doing it all week and I felt tired after doing all that too. My overalls ripped when I sat down, which was very funny. I got paint everywhere. I am pleased that I did it though. - Charlie


I have also learnt a bit about copyright, as I set some of the Ipads up to take some time-lapse video of the procedures. After editing them together and uploading to Facebook I discovered that the music I selected was copyrighted, and I had to scrap most of the project. Whoops. 

Football match West Ham


I took the car to battle train station

 parked the car got the car ticket

Then we got the southeastern train to Orpington then we got the train to Charing cross.


then we got the underground train to embankment. then we got the  district line  train. to west ham then got the jubilee line train to Stratford.


I went with three people from my house  the match was good west ham won 3.0 to Bolton.

we had a burger and chips we were seating at half way line of the west ham side.

Their shirts are darky red with blue stripe

west hams new football ground hold more then 60k of people.

Coming back we got the jubilee line train from Stratford to London bridge. Then we got the Southeastern train Tunbridge Wells. Then got rail replacement bus from Tunbridge wells to battle.


By Jamie Hulbert 


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