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Weekly Update - Friday 22nd Sept

September 22, 2017

 September is flying by and we are saying hello to even more new people! As well as the many new people we have mentioned in the past few weeks, we have also said hello to Clio, Cameron, Daniel and Amber. We are preparing to repaint the dining room, and are looking forward to an exiting trip to Harry Potter World next week!

Photo of the week - Christopher out with the photography group

Kimberley came in on Tuesday feeling sorry for herself. Understandably so - here's why:


Today I went to the dentist. I thought I was only going to get one filling but when they saw me they said they where going to do three. They asked was I up for that and I said yes so they did all three all on my left side. They said if I needed a break just lift up my arm and say I need a break but I didn't need to, I just let them get on with it. Until it was done and it didn't take as long as I thought it did. My my left side is numb but its ok and my dentist talks you though what they are doing so you don't worry or panic to the noise.  I don't like dentist so they calm you down first then they do the work. They say “what've you been up to” and “what else are you going to do for the rest of the day”.


From Kimberley 



Barry also has a joke on this topic;


Q: How do you go to the dentists?


A: Two-Thirty!


Key-group Trip


Heather and Tim took their key-groups out to lunch on Thursday. They tried out the recently re-opened The Welcome pub just up the road from the Co-op. The staff were very friendly and made us feel very welcome. They ordered mostly from the lunch menu, which gets you a meal and a drink for £6. The consensus was that everyone enjoyed their meals and would recommend! It's easy to imagine we will we be returning at some point with other small groups. 



 While there, They had some time to talk about projects they might like to undertake, and build up a few relationships within their groups. Its always nice to have the chance to chat, be merry, make friends and look forward to the future. 

Charlotte Ashbey's

Harry Potter world



 On Wednesday 27th September 2017. I am going to Harry Potter World, and I

 am looking forward to it I have never been before.

 I am going to have a nice time spending the whole day out there and I feel like

 it will make my day and I have some of his Dvd's at home I would like to collect all of his stuff now and as well as his clothes also Pj's, socks, shoes

I would like to buy his onesie when I go to Primark. 

buying his books as.well. I would like to buy myself a keyring of him

when I go up there next week.    Written and typed up by

C Ashbey

Its all change, and we have been meeting lots of new people this week. 

Clio, Cameron, Dominic and Daniel started new services, along with a new member of staff - Amber. They are taking their first steps and starting to settle in. We are greatly looking forward to getting to know them and they have all been a pleasure to spend time with. We will be looking out for photo opportunities so we can introduce them over the next few weeks.  

Winter is coming


Our harvest is all but complete now at the allotment. We have had potatoes, rhubarb, onions, carrots, runner beans, leeks, parsnips and a few other bits and bobs (the gooseberry bush produced more gooseberres again). But now it is time to prepare the ground for next year. We have been clearing all the weeds and laying plastic sheets now to keep the ground clear until we are ready to plant again. Newcomer Christopher worked very hard. Martin had a black and white filter which makes it all look very snazzy. 





 Mice And Men book and movie review by Dulcie D


Mice and Men is a Great Story because it has bravery and courage.


It is about two men one called Lennie Small and one called George Milton.


Lennie Small is this big tall man but he talks and acts like a child because he wants to touch and feel everything he dont know when to stop and let go and he dont know his own strength.


George Milton is this small man. Who has to to look after Lennie and who is always moving around for work. Because lennie always does something wrong  when it comes to work.


This story is emotional and it has courage ,bravery,power.

And it is a ten out of ten book and movie and I would highly recommend this



Sharks By Dulcie D


I love watching tv Documentaries  about Sharks because I think they are such great predators.

And I think they are clever and they are all different.  and I love how there are different kinds and they are so fierce and it is very interesting different tv documentaries  that show different facts and if I was a shark I think I would like to be a great white because they are great hunters and they are cool.

Charlotte Ashbey's 19/09/17 Placement Article


On Wednesday mornings I go to my hairdressing Placement from 11am until 1pm. It is at Creations hair salon and I do get on very well with the ladies down there. I some days I like to some washing up and some drying up and other times I like to stack the plates so that they are even with each other also offer the clients a tea or a coffee and sometimes they would have a glass of orange squash sometimes even if they don't always fancy a hot drink and I like to show the girls some of my work that I have been doing. Like my Army project as. well. And I enjoy doing the shelves and making them look good and spotless. Sometimes I get asked to sweep the floor and I like to polish the sideboards where the clients sit while having their hair done. And I like to ask questions to the hairdressers sometimes and watch the clients have their hair cut while I am waiting to get picked up at the end of my morning and I would make myself a cup of tea or a coffee and sometimes a latte.


Written and typed up by C.Ashbey

Mamma Mia


I     went    to    see   mamma   mia     in     brighton     my   brother      tock    me     to   see    it     on     stage    live     with    my    two  nices      I      was    dancing     away     on      three     songs     from     abba     we     had      lunch      on      the     train   frist     before     to      see      mamma     mia      then      later     we  had     dinner   at    a   chinese      resteraunt    the    best    bit    was    the  dancing      and     singing     the     preforemence     the     bit    I   loved     the     most    is    the     weddeing     when     sophie    and   sky    gets     marred     when     it    did     not     happen     when    sky    told     sophie       that     he      love     her   

- Claire T

There are plenty of other talking points from this week that I haven't been able to cover in detail. The photography group has been taking photos of bridges and water over in Edgerton Park, The music group has been taking part in African Dance. The knitting club has been back in action over at the White Rock. The health walk group narrowly avoided another drenching as they walked over the west hill. Zara had her birthday and watched Mamma Mia with her friends.

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