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Weekly Update - Friday 15 Sept

September 15, 2017

It's the blog, back again for another dose of gluten free, family friendly fun.

Last Tuesday evening I had my hair dyed by Gillian breach at her house. the colour was red. I  had dinner around her house and on Friday me and  Gillian and  her grandchild called jess went to Eastbourne. I went shopping and  got  clothes and  after Eastbourne went to the hair dressers.    had my hair cut same  cut as gillian.


it make  me feel gown up and  I am so happy with my hair. I fancied a change happy with how it look.  by Chantelle Powell



They're not fun, when there's a thunderstorm I like to stay indoors. I don't like the flashing and banging. I haven’t heard any thunderstorms recently. It’s raining this afternoon. Its gonna chuck it down. I don't know if it's going to be thundering later. It’s going to be sunny tomorrow, which is good. I heard about the hurricanes on the news. I hope we don't get that here in Hastings and Bexhill. I don't think we will. I feel sorry for those poor people I saw on the news. I don't think they like thunderstorms.


- Cherrie Smith

Free showers on the health walk


On Monday the health walk group were caught out by some volatile weather. About 5 minutes in to our seafront walk, the heavens opened and we had to dart to cover as quickly as possible to avoid the cascade of water coming our way. The kind man at the miniature railway near rock-and-ore allowed us to take shelter for 10 minutes while we waited to see what the weather would do. Once the rains softened slightly, we decided to push out to try to make our way back to the vehicles. After venturing out and getting wet again, we eventually made it back to the busses.

Though everyone was wet through, at this point the sun can out strongly again, tempting some to suggest we resume the walk. We postponed the decision by driving along to the old bathing pool and taking a few photos, at which point half of the group returned home and half continued their walk. It was an experience for everyone, and would no doubt be described as 'character building' by many. Some (such as Wendy) actually quite enjoyed getting a little wet and windy!

Apparently I made a mistake last week and attributed a blog about Adele to Dulcie. This time I am CERTAIN when I say that Dulcie has written an article about Xfactor, and also Gavin and Stacey.


XFACTOR 2017 BY Dulcie D

XFactor started on saturday and sunday and i think so far this year i definitely think it is worth watching so far there is some good talent and there is a guy whose voice is soo nice and there is a girl who is adopted so she sang as if she was telling a story of her life. and then there was a girl with a amazing soul and rock voice.


Gavin and stacey By  Dulcie D

I like gavin and stacey because i like the characters like smithy and nessie they always make me laugh  and  I love nesse because she is alot like me in the sense in personaity  and things she comes out with.

Nick Robinson

I did a project on Nick Robinson he is a Political correspondent 1996 -2002 he works in downing street door number is 11  in London. He help other MP s in  Bbc  Reporter on Bbc news at six  and he did journalism to help them to get votes up in London.  In did election for vote and he had some campaigning and after that he talk about Eu  Referendum questions .  He is on my facebook to learn about politics.

From Louise Taylor 

Washing machine brands by jamie hulbert



blomberg has a cycle witch does in 28mins



hotpoint is a good brand to go with depends on if get a washer/drier



bosch has cycle has a 1hr 14mins is the shortest cycle



samsung is my favourite washing machine because it has a secret door means you can put some more cloths into the drum mid wash



me and my mum had a beko and was rubbish because it left washing powder on our cloths


white knight

white knight has a noisy pump



me and my mum had a indesit for one day and we found it was  leaking from the waste pipe

That's all for this week folks!


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