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Weekly Update - Friday 8 Sept

September 8, 2017

Another week has passed and there is a lot to talk about. We have had new faces in the form of Christoper and Caner. Lots of people have written articles this week. We have also said a fond farewell to Olivia, who is moving away to Wales.

Christoper had his first few days this week. He will be doing Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and has been getting used to the environment and some of the people this week. Caner (pronounced Janair) will be working one to one with Christopher, and he too has been introducing himself and getting stuck in. The pair have been getting to know people by going for walks and doing odd jobs around the Co-op. 

Left to Right: Caner, Christopher and David chatting during a walk on Thursday. 


We are looking forward to getting to know them over the next few weeks and hope that they feel at home here. 

Dulcie talks about one of her favorite artists - Adele


my top favourite 5 songs


1.      someone like you

2.      hello

3.      rolling in the deep

4.      rumour has it

5.      one and only


1 I like the song by adele called someone like you it is a good

tune and I like to listen to it because it is relaxing and chilling music to listen to and she is a good singer and also she sings good music.


2 there is another adele song called hello. she is a good singer and I like to listen to it when I am  on the bus on my way home and when I get home I turn it off so I can hear my carer talking to me as if I had my music playing I wouldn't hear anyone.


3 rolling in the deep is a good song and it is a chilling song and relaxing song and I like most of adele songs but not every single I like because some of them are good and some  are rubbish but the  ones I am writing about are good


4 rumour has it it is a song from adele that I listen to it is bit of a  good and calm song and most of the songs helps me calm if I am angry with  people thats why I listen to them and then it calms me down as my carer dosent like seeing me upset or angry


5 the last one called the one and only song is a good song and calm and relaxing song but when I am on my own and it is a good song and that is a good tune she has  a good voice when she sings this and I enjoy listening to the songs and it is a really calm and relaxing song to listen to when you're on your own.


- Dulcie

LT Placement article 


On every Mondays Morning and afternoon I work really hard.


I do the window washing and wash the bar down.  and wash the picture fames and wash the pipes with this liquid stuff. I pull pints down and I doing the salt and pepper to full up. I also fill up the mayo and ketchup sauce and I also do serve the food out and do the order to the customers too.


It is my best placement ever and I do my very best to keep this. I work very hard for them and a free lunch too.


By Louise Taylor

Olivia moves away 


Olivia has been coming to us on Mondays and Fridays for many years. She has been a part of many happy memories over the years. Today however, she said a sad goodbye to everyone as she prepares to move away to Wales with her family. Olivia and her parents arranged a buffet for Friday lunchtime, which was one final thank you to her friends and those who have helped her over the years. She will be back from time to time but we will miss her greatly, and wish her all the best in the



Shannon talks about her Holiday plans

I am going on holiday to Ireland with my carers on the 12 of October but I am going to miss my family so I will ring them and talk to them but it costs people a lot of money to ring as its a different part of the country and I am going to miss my friends and staff at parchment as I wont be able to come in on the 12 of October as its the day im leaving to go on my holiday  but I want to come in for a bit that day but im not allowed and when I get to Ireland I will be walking up the road to my carers mum and dads to have a chat and fag with them and then I will take the dogs for a walk to the beach and back and then about 7 I go to the pub and have a couple of drinks and a couple of games of pool then I go back to where I am staying then I have a shower get into my pjs  and then I lay down and watch tv then about 9 I go to bed and then I get up next morning then I have a fag as soon as I get up.


Thank you for reading this

by Shannon Histed.

Ben is our resident Apple specialist, and he has been experimenting with the new Ipads. He has put together a compelling video with the photos from the last few weeks. In a mere 10-15 minutes he has produced what would have previously taken us days to create. Follow the link below to experience this triumph of media and science. Expect more to come in the following weeks. (Also follow our Facebook account to keep yourself up to date!)


This week at the Co-op

John is looking forward to catching up with the walking dead


Ever since I watched the walking dead I have become a really big fan and I have watched season 1 to six. But now the T.V series is no longer on. And instead I have to wait 11 painful months for it to come out on DVD. But now the wait is nearly over I only have a few weeks  then it will be mine.



 At the end of season six Rick and some of his group run into a whole lot trouble and run into a group called the Saviours and they meet a guy called Negan who is the leader of a 100 guys or more and he kills two of Ricks group but unfortunately I dont know who.


 - John


I went to Butlins in Skegness to have fun went on the rides also went swimming I went the massive slide

the weather was nice and hot

then went to see diversity they was awesome

got some food for morning some bread bacon sausages

we had a lot of drink 

I had fun at the circus it was fun to watch

the rollercoaster was exciting - it was fast

- Joe

Have a nice weekend folks!                      

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