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Weekly Update - Friday 01 Sept

September 1, 2017




Autumn is coming! Hot dinners return! New ipads! New Laptops! Schools are going back soon, and we will be having several new members and staff starting in the next few weeks 

New Technology!


Some of you may remember that a few weeks back we parted ways with our standing computers, and planned to replace them with new and improved laptops! Well, They have now arrived! They are all set up and ready to go, complete with headphones and sign out sheets. People have been trying them out to do projects and watch youtube over their lunch breaks.  


 Taken Via ipad!

We also received some ipads, which are to go out on activities to aid the staff with useful things like maps and cameras. We have even ordered special cases to allow us to wear them out on activities. We have been experimenting with the cameras and found out that they actually take pretty good photos! (The only problem is I haven't figured out how to easily acquire these photos yet, expect to see lots more in following weeks). We have also been using them to start tracking our progress at the Gym, and take interesting time lapse photos. Enjoy the photos above from Knowle Park taken on the ipads 

We are going to Scotland in my friends car a Golf Gti mark 7 for a holiday on the 20th October in Scotland.  I am having my birthday up there, my friend has a surprise for me, I cannot wait for it, I want it now.  We are going to Ben Nevis town to stay in a cottage with my friend Mick.  We are going to different places with my National Trust card.  We cannot wait for our Scottish traditional breakfast in the mornings.  I will continue this when I come back from my holiday,

Anthony Thorpe

Cooked dinners took a break over August to allow us the chance to go further afield and do lots of exiting day trips. We have been on boat trips, had lots of long walks and been out to interesting places such as Knowle park, the Eastbourne air show and Rye Harbour! 


Alan has been taking the opportunity to tidy and check the kitchen, doing those boring jobs like deep cleaning the ovens, cleaning out the cupboards, repairing sinks and defrosting the freezers.


Alan really loves to cook though, and we have been running 'Kitchen time' sessions with small groups to practice cooking particular recipes, and focusing more on skills and techniques. People have been cooking all sorts, including, vegetable crumbles, cheese and meat pies, apple crumble, and tuna pasta bake to take home for their families.  

But now dinners are back! Get ready for classic recipes such as 'bulgar wheat', ploughmans, fishcakes, and more! I asked Barry and Richard what food they liked the most, their reply of sausage and chips, and pizza and chips was slightly disappointing. I asked Dominic, and he replied 'Burger and chips', but followed up by saying he also liked salads, especially fruit salads, so I guess that's an improvement.


I asked Alan if he was excited to be going back to his cooking role. He said he was 'relieved'. Good luck to you Alan.  

Nordic walking 



We have spent a few days doing some cross country walks in the past few weeks. One of these walks was last Friday, when we went to Alfriston to hunt down the long man of Wilmington. We took our nordic walking sticks to help us to power over the hills and valleys.

We enjoyed seeing the variety of beautiful landscapes, and Eileen was very helpful in spotting and identifying the birds we encountered. We walked across roads and fields, crossed bridges and stiles and just as we were thinking of giving up on seeing the long man we found a clearing through a hedge where we could just about make it out upon the hillside. We headed back and began the long journey home. This was a new landscape for all of us, and we enjoyed exploring and seeing where things went. 


We took one of the ipads and snapped a few photos, which you can see above and below. 


On Thursday I got home from Parchment and got ready to go out to see Little Mix at The White Rock Theatre.  I went with my friend Ollie.  There was lots of people there.  We all sang and danced to the songs.  My favourite song is Cannonball, I like to dance to it.

On Friday I went to see Boyzone on Hastings Pier with my Mum and friends.  It was really good. They are very good singers. I enjoyed myself.

Cherrie Smith



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