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Weekly Update - Friday 18th August

August 18, 2017

Suzy's having a baby (In case you didn't know). 


Suzy is going on maternity leave this week. when she’s been here she has helped us a lot with money skills and greeting us in the mornings she also helps us administer our meds and is good company. Even when she is pregnant she still looks lovely. Around parchment she tries her best to keep everyone happy. And we are all going to miss her very much. Thank you Suzy for every thing

- Kimberley


Hi Suzy well done for hard work

Im so sorry that having a baby I hope good time

I will taking over your job at receptionist good luck to your family

From Grant Brookes


Suzy is a lovely person, she’s fun, pregnant at the moment, very very muchly so. She lets me answer the phone on reception when people are calling up. I miss her lots when she’s away on maternity leave.

- Charlie




She was interesting. She had a very cool dog. – Nick


Suzy is spontaneous. She’s very active and clever with hard stuff, and she’s very good and reliable to talk to. She’s very hard worker and she’s our family friend from here. Shes a very nice person who cares for everybody and is kind and generous and thoughtful like Gary is. She is one of the closest friends Ive ever seen today and I hope she has a good baby. - Louise


Boat trip

We have lock the gate when the water up

And down slowly the door little waterfall

Its was Hot day and rain wet day

We had having a good time

Pack lunches I drive the boat we sing along

Went back to parchment trust

The staff enjoyable thanks for support us

I like parchment trurst all the staff hard work

From Grant Brookes


Louise is having a DVD night tonight. I asked her to tell me about it. 


DVD night. only fools and horses. Friday night 18th Aug 7pm -9 15 pm going to watch Louise boxset 1-10 staff and Louise friends are coming






And more

It is going to be a takeaway evening.

Louise may have sausage and chips. Other people can have ,


Fish and chips


Everyone will be bring their own drinks Louise will be having Dr pepper Louise really likes Nicholas Lyndhurst he plays Rodney trotter she finds him really funny and he really make her laugh Louise is looking forward to watching the final episode this is when Rodney catches a butter fly in his hands he gives it to del boy who holds his hands out then Denzel comes along and hit s del boys hand the pool butter fly gets squashed l Louise says this is really funny

It going to be a great night Louise is very excited


BY Louise

Kimberley likes to do lots of different activities

When I went Nordic walking it felt strange at first but then I got used to it using the sticks. Also when I went bike riding I was excited and I really enjoyed it I was on the bikes nearly all day I didn’t want to get of them I really want to go again and I’m having a huge susses with fitness with Teresa and Tina on Wednesdays because I’m trying new activities and eating healthy.

- Kimberley

Up up and away!


This week is Eastbourne Airbourne week. We love attending and have made it a priority to attend on both Thursday and Friday this week. On Thursday we took a small group of strong walkers, and walked a whopping 6.5 miles over the course of the day. We parked over by the swimming pool at the Sovereign centre, and walked into town, ,where we decided we were making such good time we would continue down to Hollywell cafe at the far end of the promenade! By the time we were walking back into town the planes were kicking off and we saw the first few acts as we set off back up the coast to the bus. The wingwalkers and parachutes were enjoyed by all, and as we became more distant we saw glimpses of the gyrocopter and a few other planes also. The weather got better and better over the course of the day, as did the mood of the party. 

On Friday we took a whopping 17 users (and some staff too). The weather was beautiful all day, and we set up camp near the pier to witness as many acts as possible. Mood and excitement levels were high. We saw a spitfire, a helicopter, and the Raven display team, pictured below. Overall we enjoyed the shows. The only downside was that we have to rush off so early in the schedule and missed some of the best performances (esp the red arrows)


Thats all folks! Next week we will news on the DVD night, there is another boat trip and many other day trips including photography, nordic walking and others!










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