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Weekly Update - 11 August

August 11, 2017

Greetings all! Lots to talk about today. This week at the Co-op...

Headcorn aerodrome

Today a group of us went out to Headcorn Aerodrome, a new member of staff came out with us, his name is Josh. When we got there we went and stood by the fenced area and planes were already landing and taking off. The best bit was that there was a spitfire aeroplane there doing special trips, and it was taking off and landing, it was awesome to see it up so close and hear its engines, they were really loud.

It was really busy today, but no-one could skydive as it was too cloudy, which was a shame.  Josh said he really enjoyed sharing the day with us.

-  Charlie

I really enjoyed yesterday. We saw some planes. We went with Saadat, Jamie, Charlie, Sara, Cherrie, Kay, Jenny Carter, Erica, Wendy, Joshua, Amy Leon, Bob, Owen, Laura, Carol, Tom, James and David.

- Cherrie

James on holiday

on cruise  ship

we go on boat with mum ava elsa dad james

go out in cafe for food was is raining all the time go out look all shopping 

go have food in  room   go on bus tip      look water   was is happy   was is hot  go home in taxi  was is expensive  mum elsa go home on train   dad james ava go drive home 

- James

Eastbourne trip

On Thursday a group went out to sunny Eastbourne for the day. We started out near the sovereign centre swimming pool and walked down along the seafront all the way into town. We took in all of the sights and soaked in the atmosphere. After lunch on the pier, we hatched a plan. We thought it might be nice to walk a little further along before catching the dotto train back to the car.


On our way we bumped into Greg along with Landing and Stuart, who were parking up to go to a nearby gym. After a nice chat we waited at a dotto stop for a while. Imagine our shock when, as the train pulled up, we realised that the train was already full! Suddenly we had a challenge. We had to walk all the way back along the seafront, as quickly as possible so that we were not late getting back. We were all very dissapointed that we didn't get to ride the dotto, but the team banded together and paced back to the bus, for a well earned rest. We made it back to base with 15 mins to spare. Well done guys! We had great day, which we will remember for a long time, both for the good bits and the challenges. Jamie recorded 15,000 steps on his fitbit, which shows the scale of our walk. 

Usain Bolt - by John Reilly

On the 5th of August Usain Bolt made his final run at the 100 meters. UNFORTUNATELY Bolt didn't go out with a bang like he wanted to. When the 100 metres was over Justin Gatlin had stolen the gold as Usain Bolt got the bronze. It was a massive shock for me, but Usain went over to and gave him a sign of respect. It just goes to show what a great guy Usain is and even though Usain is retiring he put on one hell of a show for all the people around the world and he will be sadly missed. 

-John Reilly


We like to try new things. Somehow bird watching became a popular idea and this week we tried out the birdwatching hides over at Rye Harbour. The library group on Tuesday searched out a few birdwatching books to aid us in our quest, and we used them to positively identify an 'Oyster Catcher', which we spotted around the outskirts of one of the big lakes. We were very lucky with the weather, as we dodged heavy showers during the car ride home!



Jack Ben and Dominic are pictured here working towards being the next big boyband. They were auditioning for a drummer this week, and giving people lots of percussion tools to experiment with.

Jade and the others have been conducting interviews recently to appoint some new senior members of staff. Congratulations to Heather, Wendy, Simon and Tim who all survived the grueling interview process and somehow convinced Jade to give them more responsibility. Good luck to them. 


That's all for this week! Have a great weekend all. 










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