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Weekly Update 4 Aug

August 4, 2017

Welcome back to anther edition of the Co-op blog. We have a huge amount to talk about today. We have been meeting lots of new people and enjoying lots of special trips and activities. 

Over the past few weeks we have been saying hello to several new faces. 


Samuel is a former pastor from a church in Ghana. He has made a very good impression here at the Co-op. This week has seen him getting involved with a wide range of activities, including classics such as Barby keel, health walk, football and photography. He has also been fitting in some important training in his spare time. 


But don't just take my word for it! I asked some of the service users what they thought about him. 


He’s a good worker – Barry Taylor

He’s funny and happy – Bridget Connor

He’s very handsome, he’s a nice bloke – Louise Taylor

He’s a laugh – Amy Leith

He seems a very friendly person, he always says hello back – Charlie Stephens

He’s a nice man, he works hard with me. - David Wilson

He’s nice and kind - Leon Stewart


Overall we think he's a fine fellow, and we are glad to have him with us. 


This week we have been getting to know Edward, who has transitioned from his DBS service to a new 1-1 service based at the Co-op.  Edward is also getting used his new environment, and has been having a go at activities such as allotment, health walk, and Barby Keel. He likes to keep busy and work hard!


Dominic is also new with us. Dominic is a lovely young man who is very sociable and seems to spend all his time smiling. He too has been trying his hand at many different activities over the past few weeks. Here is a lovely photo of Dominic watering the plants at the allotment. 



It is always exciting to see new faces at the Co-op. On top of everyone above, we also have another new staff member Joshua starting next Monday, as well as several new members starting in September! We will be doing our best to make all of the newcomers feel part of the family. 

To raise money for the Judy Beard Chemotherapy Unit Brad and Martin are taking part in a sponsored Leg wax. This is to raise money for some equipment to help patients going through treatment at the conquest. Claire and Sarah from the DBS team are also having their heads shaved for the same cause!


If you fancy raising a bit of money for a good cause, or just want to see Brad in a bit of pain, feel free to drop a few pennies in for the cause. You can come to the Co-op this Saturday (5 August) at 12 o'clock if you want to see the grand event, and they would greatly appreciate any donations or sponsorship. 

Summer Swimming

Rupert is a very lucky man. Not everyone has parents with a huge garden and personal swimming pool. Luckily for us, his parents are also top class human beings who have allowed us to bring groups to go swimming over the busy summer period. The group that went today really enjoyed themselves.


Some kind men over at Booker and Best offered us a table tennis table recently! We gladly accepted, and as well as table tennis Steve has turned it into a screen for some new staff photos! See Samuel's photo above for results. As an exercise this really helps identify those that are camera shy and those that like to pose.  


This time of year is a great time to go on trips and do fun things. Last Wednesday we went up to the River Medway to take a trip on 'The Kingfisher'. The Kingfisher Trust is a charity that provides boat trips and experiences to a huge range of groups with its specialised disability-friendly boat. We enjoyed our trip. Bridget wrote an article about the previous boat trip - and while she didn't attend last Wednesday she remembers it vividly. 


An article on the boat trip on the river Medway

On Tuesday the 20th June 2017 I went on a boat trip with the Parchment trust. I saw the ducks and swans and the kingfishers on the river Medway. We had our packed lunches by the river and steered the boat (the Kingfisher) in the afternoon. Then we went pack to Parchment trust

Written by Bear.










That's all for this week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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