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Weekly Update - 14 July

July 21, 2017

Another busy couple of weeks. People have been out enjoying the summer weather and writing about a variety of weird and wonderful things for this weeks blog!

Helena's Funeral - by Charlie 

It was very very nice. It was at Battle, at the Baptist Church in Battle, because Helena's mum and dad go there, and Helena use to go there as well when she was younger. They talked about Helena's life, from when she was a baby to when she was grown up, and I cried, I think a lot of people cried. There was about 200 people there. The atmosphere was upsetting, because a person had died and everyone else was crying. We had a cup of tea afterwards and some food. Apparently the sausage rolls were to die for, but I didn't have anything to eat as I was too full up after lunch.

- Charlie


We went to battle yesterday. In a wood it was. We found these geocaching thingies. Could we find one? We found 4! I found a geocache. In a rock under a tree! Made me feel happy it did. Wrong information Tim gave us he did. - Richard


Many of our group have been enjoying the hot weather and going to exotic places. Here's 2 articles from Dulcie and Charlotte talking about their summer escapades. 


My Bulgaria Holiday - Dulcie D

I went on hoilday to Sunny Beach in Bugaria for two weeks  with my mum.

i went shopping and i got many pressies for my friends.

i went to two diffrent karoke bars and i won in both.

I Got A Tattoo and i was sick once and I Layed around the poole and i played darts,crazygame,cocktail game.

I got A henna Tattoo and I met a irish family .

my mum got hyponstised and it was so funny.

I Tryied many diffrent cocktails.

- Dulcie


Pontins - Charlotte

On the first of August, I am going away to Pontins for a Holiday for three days and i thought it was for four days and but its not and i hate it is when i get it wrong. But i am looking forward to seeing the famous Bluecoats hopefully who i met last year in 2016 and hoping to meet them again this year.

As i can really tell that how much i  love seeing the bluecoats and how much i love asking them for a nice cuddle and having a photo taken with them and making new friends with them

as.well as asking for their signed autographs. i find that  the Pontins bluecoats are very friendly,they are polite and always they are pleasant, easy to get on with and they are always will be be interested in what people have been doing with themselves. They are good what they do while being on stage.

I think they are briliant dancers and singers and when it comes to doing shows on the stage.

Also they are awesome entertainers and making their guests feel welcome and also making sure they are enjoying their stay.

                                                                                        written and typed up by


About homeless people by Claire Tewkesbury

About     homeless      people       they      sleep     on      the        streets    no     wear     to    live       and     no     homes      to     go    to    they     have     no      food     no     drink    they    no     money    begging    for     money     they     do    not    talk     to     people   and     also     sleep     rough    on     the     streets    at    night  .

WWE - David J

The Undertaker facing the Rock. This happened. The undertaker was stronger than the rock. This is for the WWE championship heart. The referee said in the blue corner ther is the rock. In the red corner (you have the blue and the red corner) there’s the undertaker! The undertaker is the heavyweight champion. Theres lots of different championships and the undertaker had the heavyweight belt. The undertaker grabbed the rock round the neck , throw him striaght in the ring. The rock stands straight up again. The rock ‘two stoned’ (a type of throw) the undertaker and then the undertaker saw the beast (Brock Lesner) come straight to the ring. Then he was trying to spin the rock round his head and throw him on the ring. He was coming to help the undertaker out. Then John Cena came to the ring. He started to help the Rock face the Undertaker and Brock Lesner. Then another man came onto the ring and said stop what you are doing! He was trying to get them to face each other 2 on 2. Then Brock Lesner was paired with the Undertaker, and John Cena was paired with the rock. And there’s ladies fighting as well at the same time in the ring. And then the one ladies going out with Brock Lesner and the others going out with John Cena and anothers going out with the rock! And then all the ladies face each other, Brock Lesners and the Undertakers girlfriend won, and the undertaker won the belt again.



That's all for this week folks! Some of us are going cycling in Eastbourne today, and we have a DVD night this evening, which you may hear more about on next weeks update! 


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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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