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Weekly Update - 30 June

June 30, 2017

 This week we had some very sombre news, as we lost our friend Helena to her ongoing hospital battle. Helena was well loved by everyone here, and was a friend of many years. This week we have been remembering all the good times that we spent together, and mourning the loss of a very special person to us. 



Our very own princess of the Parchment Trust Helena, she truly was a princess in every way. She was funny, spirited, willful, loving and caring. She loved nothing more than giving her staff orders. She had me and Kay wrapped around her little finger. When Helena said jump we would say how high! Lol! I loved her for the wonderful young spirited lady she was always up for a laugh but just as quick to tell you off if you didn’t do just as she wanted it. I will miss her endlessly. She gave me more back than I could ever have wished for. I feel so very lucky that I was given the opportunity to work with Helena for as long as I did, she enriched my life every day I got to spend with her. Helena you will always be in my heart, until we meet again little one. R.I.P my princess. God bless

All my Love, Sammy x



 Helena was a good friend of mine. Every time I would see her she always had a smile on her face. She would also bring a lot of laughter and smiles. I will miss her dearly but I will never forget my friend Helena. - John



Helena you were a young lady who knew what you wanted, strong minded, strong willed, you always got through to everyone whether with a cheeky kiss on the cheek, a ‘high five’ or a hug. Your sense of humour often shone through at others mis-haps or headlines on the radio.

                You could melt anyone with that cheeky smile of yours, and who would dare challenge you to a game of connect 4 if they were allowed, they were truly privileged. I have so many memories, too many to mention, that I will treasure always.

It was a huge honour and privilege to be part of your life. You gave me the best four and a half years ever! Until we meet again, god bless little lady

Kay xxxx



What a privilege it was to know you and your family Helena, you were an amazing young lady who knew exactly what you wanted.  You won everyone’s heart with your lovely smile and contagious laugh. I have many great memories including turning lights on and off on your demand and how your strong will managed to get anything you wanted done there and then.  I will treasure all the memories I have. 

Lots of Love - Leigh



I have known Helena for a long time. The first thing I remember I was helping her to do puzzles and turn the lights off and on and she laughed. Then she come to a Network meeting and she made a good laugh and it made everyone laugh with her. She liked hi fives with people. I will miss Helena laughing and smiling. I will always remember Helena for ever. 

- Sonia



Memories of Helena

When I think about Helena, I smile. I remember the tapping games we used to play in the car and the way that Helena could spot a change in the traffic light sequence before me! Helena’s knowledge of the Highway Code was excellent and she took her responsibilities as a back-seat driver very seriously. I smile when I remember her laugh, her giggle when she won a game or saw someone tip over. I smile when I think about her strength of character and her determination to make herself understood. I smile when I remember her encouraging “thumbs up” and patting me to let me know she was happy.

And I smile when I think about all the lives that she touched by sharing her adventure through life so generously.

When I think of Helena I will always smile xxx

- Theresa


Helena Keen she was a very very funny person. She used to take my hat off my head and throw it! I used to turn the lights on and off for her, and I used to sit and do puzzles with her. I think that we will all of us miss hear dearly.

- Charlie


RIP Helena, we will remember you always. 

Also this week - Rupert's birthday

Its that time of the year again - Rupert's birthday party! The sun was out as the majority of the Co-op set off to Cooden, to enjoy the hospitality of the Mitchells. We were greeted with a top quality barbecue, complete with fried onions and ketchup. After letting the food sink in for a while, the pool cover came off. Most people changed, and jumped in for a swim. The atmosphere was fantastic, as we all splashed and played around with jolly abandon. A little while later, we slowly trickled out of the pool, until everyone was clothed and dry. At this point we were greeted with ice creams and cake, and a chance to sing to the birthday boy. Thanks for having us, we all enjoyed it greatly and are looking forward to the next one! 







Dear Joey

Thanks for invited to party for good food BBQ we had swimming outside. I have a good time had fun you are good people.

From Grant



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