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Weekly Update - 2 June

June 2, 2017

Summer is here! we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do lots of interesting stuff this week. 

Bewl Water


On Thursday we went on an outing to Bewl water. We met up with some of the DBS folk, and explored the lake. We took in the awesome lake and the surrounding woods and environment. We met bikes, dogs and walkers, and enjoyed eating our packed lunches in the sun before turning back to come back to base. We sat out on a jetty at one point after lunch and played a game where we threw rocks into a tin. Look at all the happy faces! We managed to get back the cars just before the rain started, and just before Jens power chair ran out of battery.  It was a great day, and we enjoyed every second of it.


Allotment update:


We have been working very hard at the allotment, making sure that the plants are all watered and weeded. Finally we have started seeing some signs of progress, as our onions and carrots burst forth from the muddy earth. Our gooseberry bush has real gooseberries on it now (surprising I know!). Martin has been setting up an experiment to measure the amount of rainfall. The runner beans are slowly starting to climb the elaborate structure you can see to the right. (Note: Jamie Eileen and Charlie are not attached. We do think that they would make excellent scarecrows based off this photo though). We look forward to showing you more photos as the season develops.

Badminton, and more


For a while we have been attending a badminton session on a Friday. This is a prime example of how language can evolve over time. The sessions started off, as you might expect, with a Badminton session, run by active Hastings. Over time, more and more sports have been added to this session, including basketball, bocca, bowls, along with a sprinkling of football and cricket. Still, on our planning sheets it says badminton, though many people go for the other sports available. At this point, it would make sense to call it 'mixed sports', or 'badsketbowls' or something equally clever. 


The important question - would it be more confusing to try and rename the session? Most people understand the 'badminton' session, and what it involves. why fix what isn't broken? We would have to print out new planning sheets for everyone and explain to people that badminton = group sport. 


The counter argument - Badminton is clearly not descriptive enough. For new users, surely they will miss out on the chance to take part on basketball or other sports because they do not know that they are available. 


Its a tough one. For now, we stick with badminton. Maybe we will all come to our senses one day and realise that we are clearly using language incorrectly. Maybe the whole meaning of badminton will change and come to mean something else. Only time will tell. 


In other news, the session is very fun and gives people a chance to try new things and be active in a variety of ways. Can you guess who won this particular game? 


Some articles from the one and only Dulcie!


Dulcie Douglas Bird poem



I look out the window and I see a robin he is looking for worms and he is  singing and he has a red  chest and it is nearly winter they say if u see a robin that means snow and Christmas is near.


I see lots of different garden birds in my garden.


How I love seeing them happy and singing away.


I love how they are all so graceful.





Tattoos and Piercings by Dulcie Douglas




I Like tattoos because I like different styles and different fonts and I love tattoo fixers because I love that people come in with the worlds worst tattoos and I love jay Hutton and Alice perin and of course paisley.


I love piercings because they make the individual who they are and like tattoos they are all different and they make the person stand out in the crowd.

Till goes live


Our new till went live on Thursday. Taking payments has never been easier, with far fewer hoops to jump though (stuff like finding the right sheets, signing the money in and out etc.) This is also going to open up the possibility of invoicing for activities, transport etc. at the end of the week of month,which some parents and carers may like the sound of. Exciting times!

That's all we have time for this week. Enjoy the weekend. We will be back for a FULL week of activities on Monday! 

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