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Weekly Update -26th May

May 26, 2017

This week at the Co-op:


A small group of enthusiasts went over to Ashford International Station on Thursday. It was a wheely first class trip. There where plenty of trains to choo-choose from. It was very exciting, so before they ran out of steam they diverted to a local Mcdonalds, where they refueled and got back on track. It was just the ticket, and they carriaged on full speed ahead. They expressed their joy, and signalled that they were enjoying themselves. Unfortunately they had to return home before they went loco. Everyone conducted themselves well and managed to avoid tunnel vision. 


PS3 game



Alex mercer is the main Charter in the game who used to work for the military. And he was going to unleash a virus into New York City unfortunately Alex had got shot and killed. But the virus had gotten into his blood stream and the virus bought him back to life even though Alex was dead he became something more terrifying and more powerful he becomes the Prototype. As soon as the military find out about Alex he becomes a target.

- John Reilly

Barry - Football


My name is Barry every Tuesday afternoon we go down to Alexandra Park to play football. When we play football we try to pass the ball to the people on our team more often rather than just hogging it! We play matches against each other and try to pass the ball to each other as much as we can, then we can shoot at goal and win the game.

I hope to continue with these sessions on Tuesday as I really enjoy the chance to play with my friends and pass the ball around and try to score as many goal.

New Soundsystem


Gary and Jaime have been busy buying and installing a new sound system on the dance floor this week. Some of you will remember our last X-factor evening, where our previous system failed. Hopefully those kind of problems are in the past now, and we will be trying our new system out in earnest this evening for Hannah's DVD evening. We will let you know how it goes next week. 

HOT Weather


Many people have been caught off guard by all this hot weather this week. The shorts and t-shirts have been coming out Simon and Dominic have been out to ASDA and spent lots of money on sun cream and bottled water. We have been trying to remember how to fully open all of our windows, and have deployed all the fans out from the store room. Summer is here!

Just a reminder - we are CLOSED on Monday for the bank holiday! From all at the Co-op, enjoy your long weekend! 

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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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