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Weekly Update - Friday 19th May

May 19, 2017

Welcome back to the blog, this week there is lots to talk about! The weather has been beautiful, and many people have been out and about. We took a group to a big football tournament on Monday and we have been getting to know a new member, Dulcie!

Football Tournament


This Monday we took a group of 7 all the way to Burgess Hill, to compete in the Albion cup. This 6-a-side competition was attended by centres from far and wide across the South East. Playing in our usual red kit, we flew the Parchment flag, along with two teams from Friary Gardens.


The competition was fierce, and though we won our first game convincingly, the other matches of the day ended with narrow defeats to very worthy sides. We have much to learn, especially in the areas of passing and defending. Our shooting was excellent, along with some top notch goalkeeping, however we lacked the teamplay that other teams displayed.


Do not lose hope though! Our lack of practice and organisation is being addressed, with a new football session starting up on Tuesday afternoons. With the help of Martin from Active Hastings, we will be practicing our skills and learning the value of teamplay. Come next year, we think we will have a team (or 2!?) with the knowledge and enthusiasm to swing those crucial games that eluded us this year!

Out and about!


With the beautiful weather recently we have been enjoying many outdoors activities. The golf group have been using the outdoors stalls at the golf club, and the fishing group are starting to have more and more success as the fish come out of hibernation. Take a look at some of the pictures from the week. 


We have been getting to know a new member, Dulcie, who started in the past few weeks. Dulcie has been telling us a bit about herself, and has written lots of articles, talking about some of her favorite things. This week I have chosen two of Dulcies articles, about music (she has a great singing voice!) and horseriding. Dulcie likes to finish with some words of wisdom. 



Music I love By Dulcie


I Like Music like Eva Cassidy and Rhianna and Justin Beiber and I like blue etc.

I like a bit of everything Apart from Classic music and opera

I love to sing anything apart from classic and opera.

Music Makes Me Feel good because it makes me feel happy and alive and you can dance to it and makes u think about how you feel.


I Love Horses because I love to ride them and jump them look after them and all of them are very different.

You can get piebald which means black and white.

Skewbald means brown and white.

I love that they are such a graceful and elegant animal.  

They are better than people because they don’t judge you or others.

Winkle club 


A big thanks you to Hastings Winkle Club, who donated £400 to us this week! 

Till we meet again


We have been getting to grips with our new till this week. Suzy trialed it on reception for the first time on Thursday, which was very exciting. It does receipts! The cash drawer pops open when it needs to! It has an easy to use touchscreen! Very exciting. Expect it to be up and running for real from the 1st June 


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