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Weekly Update - Friday 12th May

May 12, 2017

Welcome to another exciting weekly update!

Jumble Update!


A big thanks to all who attended and spent money at our Jumble sale last Saturday. I have been told that we have raised approximately £914.96, which is incredible! This money will go a long way to helping us to buy new and exciting things that will improve the range of services and experiences we can offer. A very big thank you to all those who gave up their time to make the event happen!

Time for a shake-up!


They say that a change is as good as a rest. Therefore, we have made a couple of changes to our roster of activities. This helps keep things from becoming stale and gives people a chance to experience new things. Geocaching has moved from a Tuesday to a Thursday. Some people who had been doing this every week had found most of the caches in Hastings, and were running out of new places to go! Photography has been moved from Thursdays to make space, and has now found a home on Friday mornings. New 'Kitchen Time' sessions have been springing up throughout the week, where people are going to be choosing recipes to cook in small groups. Bike maintenance has moved to a Wednesday and on Tuesday we have a brand new session, 'Weekly Blog', where people will be taking time out to write articles about a wide variety of topics for this blog! On Mondays Jack took a small group out to the woods to learn some survival skills. This is the start of a weekly session, 'Fun with Jack', that will give our new chap Jack a chance to plan some fun trips and experiences.  Last but not least, a new 'Nordic Walking' session has begun, as we have recently taken delivery of a set of 9 brand new walking poles. Below is Rupert enjoying the poles, at the fire hills.

The Bill - Rupert Mitchell


Rupert (pictured above) likes the Bill. In his spare time he likes to watch a particular episode of the bill. I wanted to find out what it was that fascinated him about this particular episode. Here's what he had to say for himself.

'I like the burglars. The burglars shot someone of the police. It's unbelievable. He got shot. Wow. Why did they do it? You tell me. I don't know. I want to know why they did it. The building gets on fire. I know who did it. I know his name is Jerry. He has a mobile phone to try and get someone. A lot of police turn up. I don't know how many. A lot. A lot of burglars get locked up at the station.' 


I am very concerned......


EPOS (Electric Point Of Sale)


This Friday we also took delivery of a very exciting package. For too long have we dwindled in the stone age, filling in forms and leaving paper trails. But those days are over. Coming soon, to a reception near you, is a genuine piece of technology that will revolutionise the way we organise our cash. Our new electronic till (complete with touch screen!) will allow us to track with precise detail who has being paying for what, will speed up payment, and even allow people to put credit into the system to pay for future activities! Suzy is particularly excited, and got a bit carried away during the opening. 






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