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Weekly Update - Friday 5 May

May 5, 2017

Welcome! This week on the blog;

* We prepare for the jumble sale tomorrow! 

* New football sessions 

* Staff learn about Diabetes 

* Film corner - John talks about one of his favorite films - Dawn of the dead!

Jumble Jumble Jumble


If you have liked us on Facebook you will no doubt have seen that we have been hard at work preparing for our Jumble Sale on Saturday (Tomorrow!!). Heather has enlisted the help of a small army of helpful volunteers to process the wide variety of jumble we have been receiving over the past few weeks. We have had a lot of fun looking though the various clothes, jewelry, cuddly toys, crockery artwork, DVDs, books, and other miscellaneous items. Hopefully those of you able to attend will have as much fun as we did!


The jumble sale will be happening tomorrow (6 May), 9am-11am. Please come have a look, there is sure to be a bargain somewhere that will interest you. This is an important chance to raise funds which will be spent on exciting new resources and opportunities for our service users. 

Film Corner - Dawn of the Dead by John Reilly



Dawn of the Dead is about society that has crumbled and the dead have come back to life. Four people named Roger, Peter, Steven and Fran escape the city of Philly and take shelter in an abandoned shopping mall where they find perfect refuge but unfortunately the mall has already been overrun by zombies. Dawn of the dead is a really good action + funny film because you get a group of bikers that put cream pies in zombies faces.


– John Reilly 



This Tuesday saw the start of a new football session on Tuesday afternoons. I asked James and Barry for more details.


'On Tuesday we played football. It was good, I liked it! Martin who does kickboxing and tennis was there. We did it in Alexandra park in the football cage. When we got there we split into two teams. We played a big match. I saved a lot of goals, I was a goalkeeper! Barry was there, he was a very good player. Ben and Jack were there. I have planned to do it again next week, and then we have a football tournament on the next week, the next Monday.'  - James


'I like football, it was fun to pass the football to everyone.' - Barry

Diabetes Training 


On Tuesday the entire staff stayed on late after work to learn about managing the various forms of diabetes. We were also joined by some of the staff from Friary Gardens to learn about the role of insulin in the body and many of the symptoms associated. Some of us even had a go at administering insulin, and we should now be better prepared to assist people in managing their blood sugar levels and using their medication effectively. Ben volunteered to be a test dummy for the others to perform their injections, and even seemed to enjoy it! 

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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

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