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Weekly Update - Friday 28 April

April 28, 2017

Lots of stuff to talk about this week! The weekly update has been bending the definition of the word 'weekly' in the past few weeks, but that means that there is even more to talk about!  Some Key points of interest;


+ Lots of bank holidays - some of us have been eating lots of Easter eggs!

+ Monthly meeting of the Mercury club - (Dominic has written an article for us, read on!)

+ Lots of jumble coming in! (currently overflowing into the art room)

+ New learning clocks to aid numeracy sessions, and new Nordic walking poles for cross country walks!

+ Photography trip to Hermonceux castle

+ Parents and carers meeting on Thursday!

+ New football session starting next week!

+ New 'cooking time' sessions, which give people the chance to learn and gain experience with a particular recipe of their choice

+ JUMBLE SALE NEXT WEEK - come between 9 and 11 to grab a bargain and support our fundraising efforts!

+ Probably other stuff that escapes my memory at this moment.

Hermonceux trip - Photography


While there are lots of interesting things to talk about, this episode of the blog is a little light on photos, so to compensate here is a gallery of photos taken this Thursday at Hermonceux castle. The Photography group like to go to interesting locations every so often, and enjoyed this particular day trip as there were lots of interesting things to take photos of, including the moat and castle, the various gardens and sculptures, and a friendly peacock!









Parents and Carers meeting


Thursday night we had a number of parents and carers in the building. It was great to spend some time with some of the parents and share in their experiences of raising children with learning disabilities as well as their thoughts about the future. Having listened to them we realise how valuable what a privilege it is to have parents who support us with what we do! Hopefully we plan to have more of these meeting in the future. 

The Mercury Club - Dominic Steel


'It started a few weeks ago with Wendy. Wendy did it with a couple of other guys and it’s basically creating stuff, arty stuff. We have music and it happens once a month. I would like to go again because I enjoyed the last one. We had some tarpaulin and some twigs and made a tepee. We also went into the Delawarr pavilion next door and we were asked to draw a picture of a woman doing a butterfly dance on the television. It was fun. It was worth doing. I had to use my own imagination as art is not an easy thing. It can be, but it can be difficult as well. They say in life, don’t try and pretend to be something you’re not. I wanted to try it out to see what it was like, and it was fun drawing a picture of a tepee a bit later.

We got sticks together with elastic bands and put them together at both ends to build the tepee. Jack was with us and he helped with the tarpaulin and putting twigs on it with paper clips. We used blue tarpaulin and I was asked to draw a picture of it.

We all did some musical statues, where you freeze like a statue when the music stops. That was fun! We did that as a last thing, we held sticks in our hands and Cherrie, Barry and the other guys were putting patterns on the sticks to make them look glamorous. We used them as if we were dancing and waving them about as if we were having fun.

There were four ladies running it called Grace, Becky, Sarah and Penny. They mentioned that we might be doing a stand in the town next month if I remember rightly.'


- Dominic Steel

That's all for this week folks, hopefully next week we will have news of a new football session, Jumble sales and much more! Have a great long weekend. 

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