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Weekly Update- Friday 07 April

April 7, 2017

This week! A visit from the ambulance service, more bikes and Makaton!



I was thinking of getting a brain transplant... But then I changed my mind!


This Tuesday we had a visit from the ambulance service! Don't worry - no-one was hurt! Charlotte had wanted to learn more about the ambulance service and invited this particular one to come and show us how everything worked. 


'This morning the Ambulance arrived at 10 0clock. The Paramedic was called Tom.

He showed us the front of the Ambulance and he put the Sirens on they were loud

but they do look important when they are used for emergencies like if somebody is taken poorly or if they have a minor stroke or a heart attack that is when it gets pretty serious.

i though it was nice to have my photo taken sitting in the passengers seat in the front and in the drivers seat as well as sitting on one of the comfortable seats where the injured person may go when taken to hospital. Tom showed us all the equipment that he had. I had a picture taken at the front of the Ambulance. I asked him if I could sit on the stretcher so he said that I could and had my photo taken sitting on the stretcher which really made my day go well. I enjoyed asking him some questions which is what do you do if someone has a stroke or a heart attack. and it was interesting to know what cardiac arrest was he explained to me what it was.' - Charlotte


See the album below for some pictures! 


Learning to sign...


On Thursday many of the staff were involved with some exiting training! Many of our guys use Makaton to help them communicate. With the help of Sarah Norman, we have been trying to learn this language, in able to enable us to communicate more effectively. For many it was the first formal training in this area, and it was a great chance to learn the 'proper' way to sign. Hopefully we see the fruits of this training in the years to come, and we will see people being able to express themselves and communicate more easily!

Learning the time!


With schools being off we had the chance to borrow a few resources. With the help of special volunteer Janet, the guys had a chance to use some small clocks and whiteboards to practice their time telling ability. We talked about reading and interpreting the 24h clock, and converting digital to analogue. We learnt some important lessons and even managed to have a little fun! (don't tell Andrew!)

Wheels for all


Lastly, another group went out to Eastbourne on Friday to sample the various bikes they have over at 'Wheels for all'. This is the 3rd or 4th visit now (we have lost count!), and everyone who has been has enjoyed the experience. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun day out, especially if you are looking for disability friendly trips! http://cycling.org.uk/wheels-for-all/


No blog next Friday as we are away for the Easter bank holiday! We will leave you with one of Barry's favorite jokes:


What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?


Hot cross Bunnies!

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