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Weekly Update - Friday 31 March

March 31, 2017

Welcome. It has been a very ‘normal’ week as far as it goes around here. We have been enjoying the excellent weather, men’s group went out to play sports in the park and a group went out beachcombing on Wednesday. The fishing group went out for a day trip, and some people even put shorts on for the first time in months!  This week Amy tells me about one of her favourite activities – the health walk, and we also received some brand new tables and chairs!

Fishing day trip - Leon

'I enjoyed it – it was good! Gary used the kettle to make me a cup of tea. I didn’t catch anything this time as it was too cold for them, but Matt the new staff member caught a big one! I just enjoyed the peace and quiet. There was me, Steven, Ivan, Eileen, Jamie, Anthony and Gary. I enjoy fishing as it was peaceful and enjoyable. It was a bit nippy but sunny. I wore some camouflage trousers that were suitable for fishing.  It was fun! - Leon

(Leon after a successful catch during a fishing trip last year)

Health Walks - Amy

We do health walks on a Monday. We meet outside the pub, the Jenny Lind. We go up the East and west hills, because it is good for you. There are lots of steps and we go past the beach. It is good fun. I do it every week. I’m in charge of pressing the green man button. I like being in charge of that. Everyone else walks with us as well. It’s really nice and I chat with everyone. – Amy

New tables + chairs

This week we received delivery of a new set of chairs and tables. Many of the guys were exited to help unpack and set up the new furniture. There were lots of jobs that needed doing, from unpacking and moving all the new chairs to tidying away all of the cardboard and other packaging. It was a real team effort, and we managed to get the bulk of the work done within a morning. Well done everyone! The old tables have found a new home in the art room.


 This will make it a lot easier to host some big events we have planned. First of these is the quiz night, which is happening this evening!


We also have a Jumble sale coming up on Saturday 6th May, where the tables will be put into action to house all the various craft, jumble and other goodies on sale. As a side note, we are currently accepting donations for the jumble sale, if you or anyone you know has any items going spare, please let us know, we may even be able to come and collect, give us a ring (01424 442432).


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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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