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Weekly Update 24th March

March 24, 2017

It has been a very busy week.

X-Factor Fever!

Most people reading this will be aware, last Saturday we held our second Parchment Trust X-Factor event. It was a very exciting day for all involved. We saw some superb singing and energetic dancing. There were technical difficulties and last minute surprises. People gave it their all and experienced a whole range of different emotions. A big thank you to all who were involved, especially to those who helped organise and run the night. There will be many enduring memories which will stay with us for a very long time. Take a peek below where we have shared a few 'behind the scenes' photos from the night. 

A Whole New World 


'So, we decided to take 17 guys up to check out the bright lights of the West End to see a musical adaptation of Disney’ Aladdin. We caught the train from Hastings to Charing Cross and tried to get Shannon to spot the Shard whilst we were right underneath it (she couldn’t). We made it to the theater just in time to queue up for half an hour. The lights went out and the show began as well as the snack eating. So after two and half hours of a musical extravaganza and enough sweets to feed a small country, we all left for Hastings with a tune in our hearts and everyone asking if we could do it again. Success! Well done to all the guys for making the day an easy one, you were brilliant'  - Simon


Furry Friends 

Heather knows many people. One of her many connections is with the group 'furry friends'', who brought in some cute bunnies on Tuesday. Look at how cute they are! Even hard men such as Kyle, John and Dominic melted when faced with such adorable creatures. Some of the guys from the DBS schemes joined us and experienced meeting Flopsy and Buttons. Steve put rabbit pie on the menu for lunch as a way of getting into the 'Bunny Fever'.



That's all for this week folks, come back again next week! 

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