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Weekly Update 10 March

March 10, 2017

This week has been a fairly standard week (as far as things go!), with business going on as normal. Heather has been hard at work getting some special craft and woodwork ready to sell at the upcoming X-factor show. A few other interesting things happened this week. John talks about a special golf trip on Tuesday and Nick talks about one of his favorite activities, tennis! We also look into the world according to Simon. 


This week we had our second trip out with Natasha Gobey onto Sedlescombe golf course. John went for the first time, here's what he had to say.


We had our very first experience going around the course, with a professional golf player. I found it really good and very interesting cos it was my first time ever meeting someone who was a professional golfer, and I think that was the highlight of the day. I would say some of the highlights were when I hit the ball around on the green and Natasha said like ‘where were you hiding that one!’. The next time when we go I would really like Natasha to give me some tips on how to work on my stance, among possibly other things. My experience was really inspiring. Natasha I would just  like to say thank you for a really nice day and for taking me around the course, look forward to seeing you soon. 

Regards, John.



‘We do tennis with a guy called Martin. Tennis is awesome and you have to do backhand, fronthand, bounce it against the wall, you know hitting the tennis ball against the wall. Then you have to do pairs, like we did today. Then we do target practice. We have to do this thing which we didn’t do today, where we do juggling, you know, where you have to carry it and bounce it. It’s awesome Its healthy to do also sir.’ - Nick

The world according to Simon

Simon took a load of work-related photos off his phone this week. I though I might examine these photos and see what we can deduce about Simon 'the nicest guy at the co-op' Denny.  


First off, Simon seems to have a fascination with bikes. He makes many trips over to Eastbourne to take the guys bike riding. Notice the wet floor in some of these photos - clearly no weather is enough to put Simon off. In some photos people have even had to throw on raincoats to protect themselves from the extreme weather they have to endure!


Simon also seems to love pubs. Here he is pubbing after the pancake race, (also in Eastbourne, co-incidence?) 


Our last piece of evidence comes from a trip to Bedgebury, where Simon took a group geocaching. Bedgebury is famous for its extensive bike tracks, so we can only assume this trip was also an elaborate ruse to make some connections and fuel his biking addiction. 

Funnily enough, Simon claims to love Barby Keel animal sanctuary, and volunteers for it all the time, yet we could find not a single photo from all his various trips. Simon went bike riding twice, and took over 20 photos, yet 0 photos for his favorite place ever - Barby Keel, which he visits every week! Clearly something is not as it seems.... 








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