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Weekly Update 03 March

March 3, 2017

Another exciting week at the Co-op! Pancake races, new faces, new reception layout and more!


Pancake Race

This week we had one of signature events, the yearly pancake race! Steeped in prestige and tradition, the race takes place over at the picturesque Beachy Head, where the many faces of Parchment divide into two teams, ready to do sweet sugary battle! This year the competition was intense, with a narrow 2-1 victory being declared to team Joe over team Robert. We saw various techniques in use this year. The traditional 'just hold it by the handle' technique had mixed success, while the controversial 'thumb over the pancake' technique seemed to fare much better. Still others dared to dream with the experimental 'sideways' and 'full reverse' techniques. We had more people than ever there this year, so after all the celebrations and tears of defeat, the group had to split up to various pubs and cafes across the Eastbourne area. It was a great event all round, which we will remember fondly.


'Hi My Name is Shannon I went on a Pancake Race on tuesday and there was two groups of people you needed to race them and run around steve. then we done it twice and one of the groups won then we got in the bus and went to the pub. then we had lunch in the minibus and then we got out went into the pub we had 1 or 2 drinks and had a chat with our friends. then we travelled back to parchment and we had a laugh on the way back and we got back just before home time.' - Shannon



New faces and face-lifts

This week saw the beginning of Jack, who started working with us on Wednesday. Word on the street is that Jack is amongst other things a talented singer and musician, and we put him to the test on Thursday when he jumped in at the deep end and led our music session. He is getting to know us and hopefully we haven't scared him away just yet!

'It was very relaxing, we did requests, including 'Mambo number 5', 'Shout out to my ex' and 'Summer of 69'. It was very chilled out and we didn't have to sing the same songs as usual. Jack's alright, I played badminton with him today and made him sweat and work. He's very nice and I call him 'Jack the Lad'.'    -Kimberley


We have also recently welcomed Matt to the team. He seems a very jolly chap who will fit in nicely, and we look forward to getting to know both Matt and Jack over the coming months (or years!?!?).


This week while most were out at the Pancake race we renovated our computer room and reception area! The new configuration gives more space to Suzy on reception (She needs it more than ever now that she's pregnant!), as well as making better use of the reception cupboard, which has become a small staff area where they can make coffees and store their belongings. The computer room also had a makeover, with all of the computers being condensed and tidied in order to make space towards the rear of the room.







We have been up to other exiting things this week, on Monday Heather took a group over to Raystead animal sanctuary and we are also planning to watch 'Avengers Assemble' in yet another DVD night this evening. Not to mention all the other regular activities that took place this week. Unfortunately, we have run out of time, and must end here. We wish you all a good week!


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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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