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Weekly Update - Friday 24th Feb

February 24, 2017


Welcome back to another exciting addition of the Co-op blog. Work has begun in earnest at the Allotment and and John talks to us about the legendary Gordon Ramsay. 

Assorted news


Steve is very pleased with himself this week, as he has managed to get out of the office twice to get to the allotment. Steve has been suffering from allotment envy, as the plot next to ours has had much more love and time committed over the winter months. Steve has vowed to change things and has been busy digging out weeds and preparing the grounds with manure with his willing victims (enthusiastic volunteers according to Steve). Expect great things in the months to come, as Steve has grand plans for the future!


This Tuesday we held a fundraising meeting where we discussed events for the next few months. We talked about the X factor performance which is coming up on the 18th March, as well as booking in dates for a quiz night and a jumble sale.


Later tonight we have yet another DVD evening planned. X-men is the film on the agenda today with a small group of friends. Pizza and Kebabs are on the menu, and forecasters are predicting windy spells due to large areas of lemonade and coke.  

Simon and Jess took a group over to Eastbourne today to try out a variety of bikes. Jess struggled round the track almost passing out at the end, only to find that she was riding with the handbrake on! 

'It was very very fun but quite tiring. There were all sorts of bikes. There was a leather bike, which I liked. There was loads and loads of different bikes. There were two wheeled bikes and some of them had three wheels as well. The little leather bike had three wheels on it too.' - Charlie


Hell's Kitchen - John Reilly 


Hell's Kitchen is a lot like a boot camp (kitchen) which is run by head chef Gordon Ramsay. Every few years people go on the hells kitchen competition to hopefully be the next head chef but first they must go through a gruelling competition.Gordon also gives the chefs some very hard taste test challanges where the chefs are blindfolded and they have earphones on with loud music then the chefs from the blue kitchen and the red kitchen have to taste the food and try and guess what food they are eating and the team with the most correct answers wins the challange and gets rewarded with a day out while the other team gets a punishment.


after the team gets back from their reward ( red or blue) both teams have to get ready for dinner service and this is when things get really heated up. because when the chefs are under pressure alot of mistakes are made. but if one team( red or blue) have a really good dinner service and serve all their customers they are safe from elimination. The team who had the worst dinner service (red or blue) Gordon will tell them to get rid of the two weakest links. At the end of the night to people will have to stand in front of Gordon and he makes a final chose of who should leave and who should stay. The person who has to leave will have their dreams broken by not becoming Gordons next head chef and becoming very rich. -  John

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