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Weekly Update - Friday 20th Jan

January 20, 2017

Congratulations to Ben, who passed his driving test on Wednesday! He had his first outing in the Zafira on Thursday, which he enjoyed. On Friday, the Zafira developed problems and was taken into the garage. Ben claims this is merely a coincidence. Hmm. 


On Tuesdays the women who usually do ladies craft went out for a meal. I got Shannon and Bridget to tell me what happened.
‘We went to get some lunch at the Starr inn on Norman’s bay. There was a large group of us going – too many to remember all the names. It was just for the girls. 
(Shannon) I had a coke, lunch and then a pudding then went outside for a cigarette. It was nice, I enjoyed it anyway.
(Bridget)The best bit was the Parma chicken with peas and chips. I also enjoyed the black cherry frangipane, which is like a big bakewell pudding. 
Some of us were talking and then some of us were just laughing and giggling. We got back about 20 past 3. We suggested we should go there again someday with a mixed group. 


On Wednesday a group went on a trip to watch the new Star Wars film. I got Kyle and Nick to tell me what happened. 
‘It went very well. First we went over the road and got our lunch, and then after we ate our lunch we caught the bus into town. We went into the cinema to get tickets and some people went to poundland to get sweets. Then we went up the stairs to screen 3. The film was brilliant, we really enjoyed it. Everyone got on fine. We got out at 4.15 half of the group got picked up on our bus and some people caught the bus home.’  – Kyle and Nick


Film review – Louise talks about ‘James and the Giant Peach.’
I like it very good. It is very interesting it went in the peach and went up in the Peach and went up in the sky. He live with carers did not look after him he went to his bedroom he did a letter to his parents put the letter in the bottle in the sea. James went in and he was different in the peach. Hes got friends in the peach who cares for him.
I got upset where he got stuck in the peach and he came down by the ladder with the policemen. I think it will be emotional for everyone and you will like it too. I give it 10/10


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Co-op Weekly Update - Friday 27th July

July 27, 2018

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