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Weekly Update - 13th Jan

January 13, 2017

This week at the Co-op: 

- After an 'S.O.S' from the De La Warr, we 'take a chance' to be 'Super Troupers'. Will it be our 'Waterloo?'

- We bought up all the bread and tinned food from Asda in preparation for the extreme weather coming on Friday.  

- We have a go at pottery

- Wendy C is back


Mamma Mia!

'You can imagine my excitement when I was told I would be going to see the Mama Mia film at the De La Warr? There was around 40 of us attending this show. Before we left we were given our travel packs by Safety Suzy, who organised the trip with military precision. Upon arrival we were given a goody bag which contained stuff relating to the film. The lights went down and the film began to Honey, Honey by Abba. I was particularly impressed on how good we all looked in our sparkly headbands, particularly Ben. So the film continued with many songs from Abba and the audience went wild, dancing in the aisles. I tried to start a Mexican wave but Louise was having none of it. I was very impressed by the singing skills of Steve, Gary and Tim (certainly getting in touch with their inner Dancing Queen.) I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the afternoon and would definitely recommend this to anyone.'

– Written by Simon ‘The nicest guy at the Co-op’ Denney



The doomsayers again predicted the end of the world - this time through extreme blizzards on the dramatic date of Friday 13th. We prepared for the worst, making sure that we had enough tinned tomatoes and loo roll to make it through the weekend should we be snowed in. We prepared our snow shoes and sleds. We even brought out the extreme weather policy for all the staff to read! 


However, to our surprise and relief this bleak future did not come to pass. We did see some snow, but by lunchtime it had gone. We did manage to get a small group together to take a few photos over at the fire hills, where the snow was at its best. While there we snapped this photo using a fancy new camera which Steve finally let us buy. 

Wendy C 

This week we welcomed back Wendy, who is back with us again! Once upon a time Wendy started as a volunteer. Since then she has been quickly building up relationships and has cemented herself a place in our hearts...

After a week back, she said 'I didn't realise how much I missed everyone until I came back!', which was cute. 



This week we had special guest Kerry Bennett over to try our hand at some pottery. We made masks for Jack in the Green, which are currently drying out so that they can be painted next week. 



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