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Weekly Update - 6th Jan 2017

January 6, 2017


Happy new year from everyone at Parchment Trust!


Welcome to Facebook

A special welcome for those discovering the blog for the first time through our shiny new Facebook account! On this blog we release an update once a week on a Friday to keep people up to date with the interesting things going on throughout the week. We also give our service users an opportunity to have their say on life at the co-op.


Looking Forward

This week we have enjoyed catching up and swapping stories. We have shaken up a few of the key groups and changed the cooking rota slightly to give people a bit of a change to their routines. We have been spending time on Tuesday morning getting to know our new key groups for the year. There has been time to plan out ideas and goals for the upcoming year. Many of the regular activities such as gym, golf and photography have restarted as normal, and by next week we should be back to a normal schedule again.


Angels or Demons?

A big thank you to Angela who tapped into her annual leave at her full time job in order to work with us for the week! It is up for debate whether she did this out of the goodness of her heart or whether she is simply a workaholic. Either way it has been great to see her again, and we hope to see her again in the future.


First day back at work

‘It’s been quite good. I’m glad to be back. Heather is my keyworker for this year and we went to Asda to get a coffee and chat. We talked about library, bike maintenance and doing more reading. I want to read any books, or maybe some easy books to start with. We went with Hannah and Toby and we talked a little bit.

When we got we got back we had lunch and then did the planning (for the rest of the week) in the afternoon. I found that difficult because it was noisy and people were talking at the same time. If all the people talk at the same time then you can’t hear what they are saying. I’m going to do the bikes this afternoon then Hastings centre tomorrow.'



Art room overhaul

As mentioned in last week’s update, Heather has revamped the art room over Christmas! She used to be a teacher you know, and has been 'beside herself' with excitement about new cupboards which arrived on Thursday! She has been busy tidying and writing labels and is generally having far too much fun putting away all the art which has been lying around for the past few months.
What is more exciting to the rest of us is the arrival of an electronic smart board! Once up and running we hope that this will allow us to do more in literacy and numeracy, as well as being used for presentations by staff and service users.



Thanks for reading. We wish you all a happy and successful 2017!

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