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Weekly Update - 23rd December

December 23, 2016

Christmas is upon us at last. This week in the Co-op we have been setting aside time for social events, most notably the Panto and the Christmas Dinner. It has been a more relaxed week for most, as we wind down before the Christmas Break.



This Tuesday we took a very large group to the White Rock Theatre to watch Peter Pan. The show was great fun to watch, and everyone was very well behaved. Here's what some of our critics thought:


'It was very good, I liked the big hairy monkeys because they came out behind you. I liked singing along with the songs.' - Barry

'I love it. It was good. We all got to join in. I liked the person who player Peter Pan. He was quite handsome.'  - Eileen

'It was funny. I didn't like the flashing lights but I did like the pirate costumes.'  - Chantelle

'I liked the gorillas, and I liked when Peter pan flew up into the air and I liked the bit where we had to join the forwards backwards dance' - Sean 

'That was funny. The best bit was the fighting at the end. My favorite character was Nana the dog' - Grant

I found it really very funny. I liked the bit where we threw rocks (editors note: not real rocks) at Hook's Back. I liked the bit where Peter pan saves Tinkerbell by saving her. That was my best bit. - Claire


Christmas Dinner

The Christmas dinner is a yearly tradition for everyone here at the Co-op. For the low low price of £3 our resident chef Alan and helper Wendy worked hard to dish up a full Christmas dinner for over 100 hungry souls. The dinner includes all the classic ingredients, such as turkey dinner with roast potatoes and gravy, Christmas pudding with custard or cream, and of course, a healthy serving of sprouts.

The amount of cooking and planning required means that Alan and Wendy faced some major challenges. These include sourcing and storing the vast amount of food required. (This year Christmas pudding have been surprisingly hard to buy in bulk.). Alan and Wendy must then cook over 100 meals using just 2 small ovens. The pressure of bringing all the separate ingredients together to be ready at precisely the same time is immense. A single mistake could literally ruin Christmas. Fortunately Alan and Wendy are not amateurs, and the obstacles that face them are nothing compared to their overwhelming Christmas Spirit. The thought of all those smiling joyful faces spurs them on into a sort of festive trance, which lets them push on when lesser men and women would fail and resort to serving up beans on toast.


Once again the Christmas meal has been a huge success. Here are a few happy people enjoying the event. A big thank you to the Hastings centre for lending us tables and chairs, and of course, to Alan,Wendy and everyone else who has been working hard to organise this yearly tradition. A special mention must also go to Kelly and all at friary gardeners for the use of lots of their   crockery and cutlery to set the tables. 


There will be no blog next week as we will not be in! From everyone here at the Co-op, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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