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Weekly Update - 2nd December

December 2, 2016

The only news that matters - the Christmas Coffee Morning!

As I'm sure many of you are aware, the annual Christmas Coffee Morning happened on Wednesday. For one day only the Co-op was transformed into a mysterious grotto filled with festive raffles, winter craft and other assorted fun and games. 


'I would like to say that we did have a very exiting turnout of customers at the coffee morning. They had a lot of home made Christmas decorations on sale. They had jars filled with cookie mix which you took home and made yourself. They had bird boxes - right this minute one of them is hanging up on my shed!  They were also selling like a wine and glass collection. They had a bunch of people winning raffle prizes. Mike and the art group had a bunch of pictures up for sale. I did enjoy looking at the DVD Stall and the bit where they were singing as well. There was a group singing last Christmas, which is a song I love, and the ones that were up there singing have definitely got guts to sing in front of all those people. I loved walking past the singing reindeer. That was funny, I thought. I quite enjoyed having the company of my dad there, and enjoyed showing him around and sharing a cup of tea. They did do some delicious sausage rolls!' - Steven Whatley

(not to be confused with Steve Barnes - pictured above with Ivan )


'It was a good event, I was on the lucky dip stall with Mr Tim. People payed a pound to put their hand in the lucky dip and get a prize. There was one for adults and another one for kids but not many people used that one. I bought a sausage roll for a pound and it was nice. I had a nice coffee, I don't know what kind of coffee it was. I think I had about 3 coffees. They had lots of different stuff. Tina was in charge of calling out numbers for the raffle. They had something like name the bear and how many sweets in the jar. Louise has just given me one of the sweets from the jar, as she won it! She could have used a microphone or loudspeaker Afterwards we had to put everything away'  - Nick







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