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Weekly Update - 25th November

November 25, 2016

Another weeks activity goes by! The coffee morning is fast approaching (Next Wednesday - Tell your friends!)


This week Anthony has been on an interesting walk and Louise has been talking about her favorite TV show - Neighbours!


 Seafront fun walk

My Name is Anthony Thorpe. I went on a walk with the Co-op and friends.  We went in to town in the minibuses. We stopped behind the white rock theatre. One of the helpers his name was Simon went into the white rock and took half the group to get some tickets for the Peter Pan pantomime. I stayed outside with Tim. The group got together. We all went to the pier and walked around the pier. We saw a boat on the pier and Tim could not work out how they got it on there. There were upside down trampolines because they are having something there this weekend.

We walked to some diggers on the beach we stopped to watch the big digger lift the big rocks up and put the rocks on the wall. The small digger was moving the stones away from the wall. We also saw a car crash over the road. Two cars were facing the wrong way and there were ambulances and first aid doctors there. Everybody was fine and no-one had serious injuries but the cars were badly damaged. We walked further on to a car park then went back to the vans and went back the the Co-op to have our grub!

 - Anthony



Louise - Why I like Neighbours 

I started to watch neighbours when I was 12 and now I'm 34 years old. I've watched it all my life. I've watched all the episodes and I like the characters. Some of the characters I like are Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Harrell bishop, Declen Napier, Ringo Brown, Ken Kirk, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy. 

I like Billy Kennedy, he is my favorite character. He is funny and has got a girlfriend called Ann Wilkinson. They live on the seafront in Barbados. He got engaged with her at the fireworks night and they kissed.

- Louise  




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