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Weekly Update - Friday 4th November

November 7, 2016





This week as well as our regular activities, a group of guys have been on a day trip to the capital. We have a report from David on the trip and also piece by Barry and Charlie about a cooking session on Tuesday afternoon.



'We went to London on 4th November. We went by train and walked around Buckingham palace, went into a London museum called the national gallery. It was quiet on the train and the journey was alright. We walked around Buckingham palace. We had lunch at McDonalds and had to sit to sit outside in the pouring rain as it was really full in the place and there were no seats to sit at all. There were lots of pictures in the gallery, 18th century, all different ones. We looked around before leaving. We dried out inside the building slightly before heading back to the train station and getting wet again.  I enjoyed it and everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well.  The worst bit was getting wet because I didn’t have a jacket, as I didn’t know it would be raining. I enjoyed everything else and the best bit was the lunch at McDonalds. I had a big mac.' - David Dwyer

'On Tuesday afternoon we cooked up some burgers using 2 eggs, one onion, garlic cloves, and some herbs. We used mincemeat as well. We had to mix it all up so it sticks together and flatten it down with your hands. Once we made them all up we stuck them inside the freezer and then we washed up the pots and pans. Charlie and David took theirs home the following day while Barry left his in the freezer over the weekend. They were really nice burgers. It was a good team effort and it was quite fun. That’s the first time I’ve done it.' - Barry Taylor and Charlie Stevens



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July 27, 2018

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