Rhododenron Scarlet Wonder is a dwarf, evergreen shrub variety which is exceptionally compact and manageable. Wavy edged, cardinal red flowers appear in profusion in April-May, in loose clusters with faint brown freckles. These bright, showy blooms stand out well against the dark foliage, which is made up of ovate, glossy dark green leaves with deep central grooves and an almost quilted look. The compact growth habit means Scarlet Wonder never looks untidy, giving it an outstanding formal appearance and making it a great shrub for small city gardens or courtyards where space is at a premium. It is also small enough to slot nicely beneath taller shrubs in the border.

Height: 60cm

Spread: 100cm.

Rhododendron Scarlet Wonder


    * Please note that images are representative of the fully grown plant, and will require additional time and care to reach the pictured form.