Potentilla 'Red Ace' (Shrubby Cinquefoil) is a bright and cheerful shrub which produces poppy red free-flowering single blooms from as early as May through to September. The pretty flowers have a bright yellow centre that contrasts beautifully against the vivid red petals, where these delightful flowers sit atop bushy green foliage that really make the flowers stand out. A low maintenance shrub which is rarely the target of pests or disease, this is the perfect addition for even the most novice of gardener. A hardy variety, it will lose its leaves during the winter and grow fresh foliage the following year. They look great when planted along paths, the front of borders or when grown in containers alongside contrasting colours of Potentilla. 

Height: Up To 90cm 
Spread: Up To 90cm

Potentilla Red Ace


    * Please note that images are representative of the fully grown plant, and will require additional time and care to reach the pictured form.