Kniphofia Papaya Popsicle is a compact Red Hot Poker in a fiery blend of tomato red and yellow-orange. Rising like rockets in the border, Papaya Popsicle will flower all through summer and well into autumn, making it a must have for the border. Drama tic, upright spikes are made up of tubular red flowers blooming from the base upwards, maturing to orange-yellow - forming gorgeously blended flower spikes. Attractive, grassy foliage arranged in neat strands provides a simple yet decorative backdrop . This stunning perennial brings architectural elegance and flowers all summer long. Prefers full sun or partial shade and likes any kind of soil.

Height: 35cm

Spread: 45cm

Kniphofia Papaya Popsicle


    * Please note that images are representative of the fully grown plant, and will require additional time and care to reach the pictured form.