Aralia Californica can be deciduous trees, shrubs or perennials, with large, simple or pinnately compound leaves and tiny greenish-white flowers in large terminal clusters, followed by small black fruits. Dormant in the winter, returning in the spring from a good-sized somewhat succulent fleshy rootstock. The large green pinnate leaves with 3-5 leaflets appear on thick, arching, non-woody stems. Flowering occurs June-August, on long stalks, with multiple branches of small, ball-like clusters of greenish white, sticky flowers. In the fall the flowers mature to small purple or black fruit, at the same time the stems begin to turn reddish. The foliage turns yellow and dies to the ground.

Height: 1.5-2m

Spread: Up to 1.5m

Aralia Californica


    * Please note that images are representative of the fully grown plant, and will require additional time and care to reach the pictured form.