These services are specifically designed packages of day support for people with profound and multiple disabilities, using the skills of one and often two carers, depending on the needs of the individual.


Service is largely community based, with service users being collected from and returned to their homes at the beginning and end of each day. Service users also have access to all the facilities at the Parchment Trust Co-operative, where they are also able to meet with each other and with friends; they also have full access to Friary Gardeners, including the "Changing Places” toilet facilities.

Our Aim

The aim of these schemes is to maximise young people’s opportunities in the community and to allow them access to new experiences. The principles of autonomy and independence are equally as important for this client group as for service users in the Co-operative and Friary Gardeners


Activities depend entirely on the needs and abilities of the individual but may include: swimming; using sensory equipment; passive exercise; shopping; eating out; cinema; outings; using public transport; music therapy; meeting with friends; theatre visits; holidays. Each service has a vehicle allocated to them, appropriate to the needs of the service user.